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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Guild Banners/Flag

In real life every nation has a flag, and main buildings are equipped with banners of the specific nation. Why not in GW2 a guild could have thier flag with the cape emblema on it(or other stuff) and the guild hall should be decorated with the guild banners. In GvG or other events(not necessarily only PvP) the FLAG should be a symbol of the guild. Also if in GW2 guilds will be able to own outposts or towns via PvP,PvE etc. that outpost/town should be decorated with the Guilds BANNER to show how awesome that guild is and make players want to have that emblema on their backs or whatever will deffer members of one guild from another in GW2. If there is a GvG special room, after a GvG match the winning guild should get as throphy the other guilds flag and have it placed in the GvG room. Also the losing guild will not lose their flag. If a guild beats another guild more times than once then the flag exposed in the GvG room should get larger and larger.

Why this is a good idea

1. Because every guild hall will be different from another.

2. Guild based on PvP will have their special room where they can behold how awesome they are.

3. It makes you feel good of your guild and makes you want to do more for that guild

4. I don't know a way in which banners and guild flag could be bad in any way.

Why it may not work out

1. Some people may not think of a coop style of play so they would not like it...but I always felt like GW was one of the best teamplay MMO's until Heroes were introduced(sad time).