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The south of Cantha is embroiled in a war for territory and resources.

Cantha is a continent in the world of Tyria. It is located to the south of the continents of Tyria and Elona. Cantha was first introduced in Guild Wars Factions. The northern coastline of Cantha is the earliest known location of human settlement, dating back to the late pre-imperial era, 276 years before the beginning of the Canthan Calendar, and predating the earliest known human presence in Tyria and Elona by 581 years. That settlement is the beginnings of the great Canthan Empire, also known as the Empire of the Dragon, or the Dragon Empire.

Major regions

Cantha and the surrounding islands can be divided into four major regions:

  • Shing Jea Island: A large island off the west coast of the continent thats been declared an imperial national park, it is a farmland that produces the food for the entire Empire and is the home of the Shing Jea Monastery; a haven for those who are gifted and have no noble title. Aspiring students from throughout all Cantha are trained within this institutions secluded walls by the Empire of the Dragon's greatest Masters. The island is filled with the Angchu and Sensali Tengu along with Naga and Yeti.
  • Kaineng City: A gigantic and sprawling Metropolitan area-sized city with an overcowded population denstity that covers nearly a third of the continent's land mass, it is the political capital of Cantha.
  • Echovald Forest: A petrified forest in the center of the main land; this is where the secluded Kurzicks live and practice conservative politics as dictated by a culture of house ancestry, isolated of the Empire of the Dragon. Originally teeming with life, the Jade Wind has since petrified all natural life within the forest, its canopies deprive the region of any natural sunlight as effectively as any stone structure, now heavy with silence where once was filled with the music of life. Despite the calamity that has befallen their home, the Kurzicks stayed amidst the stone trees, as only they were able to adapted to their new environment and carved dwellings amongst the petrified trees. Through the generations, life has found a way back into the forest, with unique species of flora and fauna thriving within the petrified forest.
  • The Jade Sea: A large solidified sea in the center of main land, this is the home of the nomadic Luxons who enjoy liberal politics that favors a culture of tribal allegiance, independent of the Empire of the Dragon.

6 years after the events in Factions

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Factions campaign.

The defeat of Shiro Tagachi ended the plague that had afflicted Cantha. However, it took adventurers and members of the imperial guard a few grueling years to track down all of the Afflicted and the remnants of the Shiro'ken army that the Betrayer had unleashed in his final attempt to destroy the empire.

Over the past few years, life has begun to spring up in Echovald Forest as many areas have seen new growth take hold. Some even claim to have seen a change in the Jade Sea—small pools of water forming or even waves moving beneath the frozen surface—but these reports are unsubstantiated rumors at best.

Life has returned to normal for most Canthan residents. Kaineng still struggles under the burdens of bureaucracy, overpopulation, and crime, while the Kurzicks and Luxons remain locked in a never-ending battle over scant resources. Shing Jea Island remains an oasis of pristine valleys and beautiful vistas. Monks come to the island regularly for scholarly pursuits, while the general populace descends in droves for every festival held within the safe confines of Shing Jea Monastery.

Commerce returned to a brisk pace once the Affliction ended, and since then, many Canthans have sought to re-establish old trade routes to Elona and Kryta as well as locate new opportunities farther north. However, recent reports of earthquakes and giant cracks opening in the middle of urban Cantha have some believing this time of relative peace and prosperity has now come to an end.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

Getting to Cantha

Once a valid Factions access key to has been added to your account you can either create a new Factions character via the character selection screen, or take an existing character over by completing one of the following quests:

From Tyria

From Elona

Once you have unlocked travel to the respective continents, you can map travel at anytime from any continent to Kaineng Center.

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