Chunk of Drake Flesh

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Chunk of Drake Flesh
Chunk of Drake Flesh.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value 15 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall
Collector(s) Chef Lonbahn
Common salvage 2 Scales
Tanned Hide Squares
Chunk of Drake Flesh.jpg

A piece of drake meat with skin still attached to it.



Drop and expert salvage research is ongoing and can be found here.


Mehtani Keys[edit]

Farming Drake Flesh in Mehtani Keys.

Start from Kodlonu Hamlet, hunt Irontooth Drakes in the 4 marked spots. You can usually avoid fighting other foes if careful. Near the second spot there are 2 groups of Corsairs the group on the right of the marked path will patrol far enough for you to slip by in most cases. At the last place marked, there is a group of Mandragors that pop-up nearby so fight close to the shrine to avoid unwanted aggro. There is also two more groups of Drakes to the north from the last marked spot beyond a few groups of Corsairs that can't be avoided near Ajamduk, Hunter of the Sands but for farming purposes they are probably a waste of time.

Plains of Jarin[edit]

Farming Drake Flesh in Plains of Jarin.

There are two Irontooth Drakes just east outside of Champion's Dawn (do not use AoE skills so you can avoid aggroing the nearby Juvenile Bladed Termites). Another two are outside the Astralarium.

Rilohn Refuge mission[edit]

Farming Drake Flesh during Rilohn Refuge (mission) and in The Floodplain of Mahnkelon.

There are two groups of four Steelfang Drakes near the beginning of the mission. (Be careful not to trigger Dehjah; if she dies too soon, you will be kicked from the mission and might miss collecting your loot.)

The Floodplain of Mahnkelon[edit]

There are about six drakes outside the Moddok Crevice door (in the water, just past the shrine). If you have Drakes on the Plain active, there will be two more groups just north east of the entrance to Rilohn Refuge.


Chef Lonbahn[edit]

Location: Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Collecting: 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh

Item Stats Value
Drake Kabob.png Drake Kabob Double-click for a 10 minute +5 armor bonus in PvE. Can't be sold


Location: Mehtani Keys, directly southeast form Kodlonu Hamlet's entrance.
Collecting: 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh

Item Stats Value
Bag Holds 5 items 50 Gold
Identification Kit Uses remaining: 25 50 Gold
Salvage Kit Uses remaining: 25 50 Gold


Location: Yohlon Haven
Collecting: 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh

Item Stats Value
Drake Kabob.png Drake Kabob Double-click for a 10 minute +5 armor bonus in PvE. Can't be sold

Lieutenant Thackeray

Location: Ice Cliff Chasms (after The Missing Vanguard or Snowball Dominance, but before completing Thackeray's scavenger hunt)
Collecting: 1 Bottle of Rice Wine, 1 Bottle of Vabbian Wine, 1 Bowl of Skalefin Soup, 1 Chocolate Bunny, 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh, 1 Crème Brûlée, 1 Dwarven Ale, 1 Eggnog, 1 Herring, 1 Hunter's Ale, 1 Pahnai Salad, 1 Pumpkin Cookie, 1 Red Bean Cake, 1 Shamrock Ale, 1 Slice of Pumpkin Pie, 1 Truffle, 6 Votive Candles

Item Value
Sack of Random Junk.png Sack of Random Junk Can't be sold
  • Each character can receive up to 3 Sacks of Random Junk for each type of item, specifically alcohol, exotic food, sweets, and candles.
    • After receiving the third sack, he will no longer accept items of that type.
    • The first time you give him 6 Votive Candles, he will give you a Paper Wrapped Parcel. The next three times, he will give you a sack; if you give him 24 candles, he will give you 3 sacks and 1 parcel.

Horseman Vadir[edit]

Location: Kodlonu Hamlet (only during Halloween festival)
Collecting: 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh

Icon Item Description Value
Witch's Brew.png Witch's Brew Double-click to drink. Excessive alcohol consumption will result in intoxication. Can't be sold
Squash Serum.png Squash Serum Surrounds the user's head with a transparent glowing pumpkin. Can't be sold
Ghost-in-the-Box.png Ghost-in-the-Box Double-click to open. Summons a ghost in front of the user. Can't be sold
Vial of Absinthe.png Vial of Absinthe Double-click to drink. Excessive alcohol consumption will result in intoxication. User is engulfed in a green flame animation. Can't be sold
Transmogrifier Tonic.png Transmogrifier Tonic Double-click to embody the spirit of Halloween. This item cannot be used in PvP. Can't be sold


  • The collector Sheltah trades 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh for items that are sold by a merchant for 50 Gold. This provides a return that is over 3 times more than just selling the trophies by themselves.