Destroyer Bow

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Destroyer Bow
Destroyer Bow.jpg
Type Type missing
Campaign(s) Eye Of The North
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Common salvage Cannot be salvaged
Rare salvage Cannot be salvaged
Inventory icon Destroyer Bow.png

The Destroyer Bow is part of the Destroyer weapons set, one of three weapons sets that can be displayed in the Hall of Monuments. The bow's skin resembles the cracked-lava appearance of the Destroyers.



The Destroyer Bows can be crafted by Balthor Coalforge in Slavers' Exile for:


This item cannot be dyed.


  • There are 5 types of Destroyer Bows: flatbow, hornbow, longbow, recurve bow, and shortbow.
    • The name of the bow will be "Destroyer <type>" (i.e. Destroyer Flatbow, Destroyer Recurve Bow)
  • The lava coursing through the bow is animated.
  • Although the bow cannot be salvaged for crafting materials, it can be broken when salvaging weapon modifiers.
  • The bows have clipping issues with Female Sterling Leggings.
  • This item's Strength and Honor inscription can be removed (using an appropriate salvage kit) or replaced.

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