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Duration is the amount of time, measured in seconds, that a condition, enchantment, ward, hex, etc. remains in effect on its target. It can be either fixed or variable; Fixed is determine in the description of the skill. Variable also being seen in the skill description depends on the amount of points put in the skill attributes.

Numbers shown for variable duration is often shown in a form like this 1...8...10

-First number shows the duration of a skill if its attribute was set to zero.

-Second number shows the duration of a skill if its attributes was set to 12, which is the maximum anyone can raise attribute without the help from runes, weapons and other skills

-Third number shows the duration of a skill if its attributes was set to 15, which can be obtain from runes, or other skills.


Duration modifiers

Many skills can affect the duration of certain types of skills or conditions by either increasing or decreasing, whihc is shown through percentage value, these doesn't include skills that can either end a skill or condition duration, or skills that have a renewal effect.

increasing modifiers

Skills that increase duration

Hex spells
Shouts & chants

Decreasing Modifiers

Skills the reduces duration


Other factors that affects skill duration

Other factors that are not skill are design to either increase or decrease the duration of certain effects

  • Some common Armor runes can reduce certain condition duration by 20%
  • Some weapon prefixes can increase certain condition duration by 33%
  • Of Enchanting is a weapon upgrade that lengthens the duration of enchantments you cast by 10-20%.
Weapon Spell
  • Ritualist's Primary Attribute can increase the duration of weapon spell by 2% for every point into that attribute line.
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