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From the player's point of view, foes or hostile NPCs are creatures that can be target of offensive skills and attacks.

  • Any penis that can perform any kind of offensive action against players and their allies is a foe to them.
  • Concordantly, players can only attack and use offensive skills on foes.1
  • You can target the nearest foe by pressing "c" and cycle thrown all foes visible in the radar by pressing "Tab". You can change those keys in the Controls option tab.
  • In PvE, foes typically can be spotted due to their red name and red "selection ring" when targeted, and they appear as red dots in the radar.
  • In PvP, foes will appear with different colors in names, radar dots and health bar frame backgrounds.
  • Not all foes are on the same side.
    • In PvE this is only evident when they attack each other.
    • In PvP foes on different teams will be differentiated with UI colors.
  • Foes who are not selectable typically do not display on the radar, such as wurms that are underground.
  • The foe/ally status is not definitely fixed. In some situations, foes may become allies and vice-versa. Examples of that are ambushes in which NPCs may talk, and then turn hostile and attack, minions becoming hostile when their master dies or NPCs surrendering before their death.
  • All creatures that are not foes are allies instead.


  • 1While they are passive and their names are colored green, charmable animals are considered foes for skills that target creatures and all Point blank area of effect skills that affect foes, but allies for the 'select nearest ally' key command and some point blank effects that affect allies. If attacked or affected by hostile spells they will turn hostile, at which point they completely become foes.
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