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Disambig icon.png This article is about a Tyrian god. For the avatar forms, see Avatar of Grenth (disambiguation).
Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.

Grenth is the god of death and ice. He is the patron god of Assassins, Water Elementalists, Necromancers, and Ritualists. He is greatly revered and celebrated during the Wintersday festivals and he is tied to the Season of the Colossus.

He defeated Dhuum, the former god of death, with the aid of the seven reapers. With Dhuum's defeat, Grenth shattered Dhuum's tower, leaving "storms of chaos" in the location now called the Chaos Planes. Grenth allows the existence of the undead and resurrection, whereas Dhuum did not. As the god of death, he is tasked with judging the newly dead and sending them off to their proper afterlife.


Necromancers learn early that the way to true power is by bowing down at the foot of the god of death and ice and pledging total, undying allegiance. Statues of Grenth depict the god with the body of a man and the skeletal head of a drawn-faced beast. Often, there are followers at his feet, grasping toward his open, clawed hands, clamoring for the powers the unforgiving deity may feel so inclined to heap upon his subjects.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

Necromancers learn early that the way to true power is by bowing down at the foot of the god of death and ice to pledge total, undying allegiance. The Assassins of Cantha pay homage to Grenth, and rarely take on a job unless a priest of Grenth places a blessing upon the task. Ritualists, who speak to and control the darker forces of the underworld, also draw strength from Grenth’s teachings. Statues of Grenth depict the god with the body of a man and the narrow, skeletal head of a beast; Canthan artists tend to add a draconic look to the skull. The Canthan version of Grenth stands astride a small mountain of the dead, but in Canthan art the faces of these corpses are always averted from the god of death, as if in shame, to distinguish these enslaved dead from the “living” ancestor spirits.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

Necromancers revere Grenth, as do Water Elementalists, who often punish their enemies with chilling cold. When the world is at its darkest, fearful souls pray to him as a means of last resort. Worship of Grenth requires sacrifice. Any path to his hidden secrets tests the soul as much as it does the mind. His acolytes and cultists know that the veil between worlds is thin, but if they can pay a price of blood and souls, the bodies of the dead will rise up and wreak havoc in the world of the living. The faithful know that when they die, their souls will eventually pass on to the Mists…but they still pray to Grenth, so that he may ease their suffering along the way.

Monuments to Grenth portray him with the body of a man and the narrow skull of a beast. Throughout Elona, many of these statues have piles of bone and ivory beneath them, left as offerings by anonymous and fearful commoners. When life is difficult, zealous worshipers leave offerings of flesh and sinew, showing their devotion with fanatic displays of sacrifice. A Dervish assuming the Form of Grenth glares at the world through a bestial skull, measuring the worth of each fallen corpse.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

Areas of interest

Grenth statues


Came then Desmina, scorned and exiled by her people. And in her misery and wretchedness, did Desmina curse the gods for abandoning all who, like her, admired power and ambition.

And asketh she, "Where is the god to whom I may give my undying devotion? Where is the god to whom I may beg revenge against those who scorn me?"

And rumbled then the earth from far below, and with a terrible groan, split open. The ground grew white with frost and ice, and from forth the frozen earth spilled the rotted, skeletal minions of Grenth.

Appeared then the god, and with bony hands outstretched, welcomed the girl into His fold. Saith he, "I am your god. Follow where I lead, come whence I call, and the rotted corpses of the dead will be yours to control." And swearing allegiance in life and beyond, did Desmina thence become the god's first follower.

Scriptures of Grenth: 48 BE


The appearance of this statue depends on whether or not the world is currently blessed with the Favor of the Gods.

  • During favor mists flow from the base of the statue and its eyes burn brightly.
  • Without favor the statue is gray without mist and dark eyes.


Eye of the North



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