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== Contact information ==
== Contact information ==
Leader TLP1 (going to be disbanded)
Leader TLP1
{{r}} [[User:Pim08|M Delicious]]
Leader TLP2 (disbanded)
Leader TLP2 (disbanded)

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The Legend Of Peace Il [TLP][edit]

The Legend Of Peace Il TLP
Guild The Legend Of Peace cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language Dutch
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 1
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
Forums http://tlp.forum5.com
Time zone GMT +1

This guild was made when TLP 1 was full and there were still enough players around to fill all the dutch talking guilds now this guild is empty and all effort is put back into TLP 1 and so this guild won't be recruiting. This guild still exists with a second account of the original guild leader as leader. So in the event we ever need this guild again we already have a full guildhall and a right name ready. The rest of the page will be in dutch because it's about a dutch guild.


TLP 2 recruit niet meer vanwege inactiviteit maar TLP 1 recruit altijd nog gezellige nederlanders en belgen. Kijk hieronder voor contact informatie en vraag de leader of één van de officers of je kan joinen. Of kijk op de pagina van The Legend Of Peace voor de rest van de officers.

Contact information[edit]

Leader TLP1

Ranger M Delicious

Leader TLP2 (disbanded)

The Legend Of Peace Il Alliance
Leader The Legend Of Peace Il
Members Unknown