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! Turai's Story
! Gwen's Story
| End of the World || 1 ||  
| End of the World || 1 ||  

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Gwen's Story
Gwen's Story.png
Rarity Varies
Type Book
Value Can't be sold
Stackable No
Campaign Core

"Gwen's Story" is a book. Opening it allows you to enter the mission The Flight North to see how Gwen escaped the charr.

Gwen's Story
End of the World 1  
The Flight North
The First Escape 2  
Into the Arena 3  
Unknown 4  
Unknown 5  
Unknown 6  


  1. End of the World
    Her name is Gwen. This is her story.
    She was ten years old when the Searing struck Ascalon. Gwen lost her family, her home, and her childhood in a matter of hours as the sky-summoned fury of the Charr Shamans shattered the world around her.
    Thousans of Ascalonians died that day, and thousands more fled before the Charr Invasion. Gwen wandered alone in the wreckage of a nation searching desperately for the hand of a friend. Instead, she found the Charr. More to the point, they found her.

  2. The First Escape
    The Charr did not kill young humans. They enslaved them. For seven long years, Gwen toiled under the constant lash of her taskmasters. As fellow prisoners broke under the strain or were slaughtered out of hand, the embers of fear in her soul spraked into a blaze of hatred. When she finally saw her chance, Gwen fled into the wilderness, vowing never to be enslaved again.
    She did not make it far...the Charr recaptured her easily. They judged her useless to them. She should have been slain on the spot, but her captors decided she could serve them, at least one more time, as entertainment.

  3. Into the Arena
    The Charr built arenas within their military camps dedicated to the glory of the legions. Inside thse cruel stadiums they set unarmed humans against wild creatures, reveling in the blood sport and applauding as the beasts disemboweled helpless humans.
    Now it is her turn. She is just another prisoner in a holding pen awaiting a brutal death for mere amusement. She prays for the strength to endure her ordeal. And she prays for the chance to strike back...

  4. Unknown
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  5. Unknown
    ... to be added ...

  6. Unknown
    ... to be added ...



This book can be traded to Tuomas for max damage weapons


Once you have completed the mission you can have your book authorized. A authorized book can't be placed in your storage