Kaineng City

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Kaineng City
Kaineng City.jpg
Continent Cantha
Town Kaineng Center
Neighbor(s) Echovald Forest
Shing Jea Island
The Jade Sea
Campaign Factions
Loading screen
Kaineng City map clean.jpg
A clean map of Kaineng City
Kaineng City map labelled.jpg
An interactive labeled map of Kaineng City
Concept art by Daniel Dociu
Kaineng City is the capital of the Empire of the Dragon. It is a huge metropolis that covers a large portion of northwestern Cantha. "Kaineng" is Old Canthan for "Lord Emperor," giving the city the name of "Lord Emperor City."

Towns and outposts

Mission outposts:


Challenge missions:

Explorable areas



  • Kaineng City (only heard in Raisu Palace, Raisu Pavilion and Divine Path)
  • [untitled]


Kaineng City signpost.
  • Possibly named after Kaifeng, an ancient capital of China (once "the largest city in the world").
  • It is inspired by the Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong.[1]


  1. ^ Gamespace interview with Daniel Dociu

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