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[[Category:NPCs|*Non-player character]]
[[Category:NPCs|*Non-player character]]
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[[Category:Official terms]]

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A non-player character or NPC is a character that is not under the control or management of any player. NPCs can be friendly or hostile. Most NPCs serve a gameplay function, for example, as a trader or a combat ally.

Technically, henchmen, heroes and pets are NPCs, but they inhabit a grey area in the definition, as they can be directed by players.

Hostile NPCs are often referred to as "mobs" or "monsters".

Types of NPCs

In addition to all the NPC types identified as NPC services, the following round up the list of NPC types:


  • In Towns and Outposts the names of allied NPCs and party members will be shown by pressing down the ALT key, while all other players will be shown by pressing the CTRL key.
  • In Explorable areas, Missions, Dungeons and PvP battles etc. all allied/neutral NPCs/party members will be shown by pressing the ALT key, while enemy NPCs will be shown by pressing the CTRL key.

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