Seitung Harbor (mission 2)

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Seitung Harbor (mission 2)
Section Festival Event Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Captain Rujiyo
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Festival quest Repeatable quest
Seitung Harbor (mission 2) map.jpg
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A special mini-mission that is only available during the final day of the Dragon Festival.

Quest information


  • Protect Seitung Harbor from the attacking enemy forces. 0 of 9 waves destroyed.



Players will spawn at the bottom of Saoshang Trail near a number of NPCs. The enemies spawn further up the trail from chaos rifts, starting with Banished Dream Riders and Wrathful Storms. The enemies move from the rifts towards the players' spawn location, and once one enemy is defeated, one or two more will spawn from the rifts and begin moving. This process repeats until all enemies are defeated.


On the right side of the trail halfway between the players' and enemies' spawning locations is a nook in which players can run and hide, safe from enemy attacks, before the first enemy spawn reaches them. While the enemies attack the NPCs, the players can run past the Banished Dream Rider backline toward the rifts; the Riders may chase them, but will eventually lose interest. This first spawn will congregate around the players' spawn location and stay there, and since new enemies only spawn when existing enemies are defeated, the players can attack at will. Players can pull single enemies away from the enemy campsite; an effective strategy is to pull a single enemy to the rifts and defeat it there. One or two enemies will spawn to take its place, much easier to defeat than a full group. If one player dies, it is advisable to retreat up Saoshang Trail, which remains entirely unblocked, until the enemies lose interest. The enemies will then head towards their campsite leaving the dead player's corpse exposed for resurrection.










Bug Bug.The actor version of The Darkness isn't a boss.


Initial dialogue


During the 2007 festival, all quests and mini-missions were re-enactments of the previous year's happenings. As such, the original monsters were replaced with actors.