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Three random [[Shining Blade Ally (summon)|Shining Blade Allies]].
Using this item will summon [[Shining Blade Ally (summon)|3 random allies]] from the following list:
*{{w}} [[Shining Blade Ally (summon)|Warrior Ally]]
*{{w}} [[Shining Blade Ally (summon)|Warrior Ally]]

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Shining Blade War Horn
Shining Blade War Horn.png
Rarity Common
Skill Summoning Sickness.jpg Summoning Sickness
Type Summoning stone
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Uses 1

Double-click to summon 3 Shining Blade allies of your level that last for 30 minutes or until slain in combat. The War Horn and summoning stones can only be activated once every 10 minutes per character, and only one group of allies summoned from these items can be present in an instance at a time. This item can only be used in explorable areas.

— In-game description



Using this item will summon 3 random allies from the following list:

Summoning stones
One use Amber Summoning Stone.png Amber  Arctic Summoning Stone.png Arctic  Automaton Summoning Stone.png Automaton  Celestial Summoning Stone.png Celestial  Chitinous Summoning Stone.png Chitinous  Demonic Summoning Stone.png Demonic  Fossilized Summoning Stone.png Fossilized  Frosty Summoning Stone.png Frosty  Gelatinous Summoning Stone.png Gelatinous  Ghastly Summoning Stone.png Ghastly  Imperial Guard Reinforcement Order.png Imperial Guard  Jadeite Summoning Stone.png Jadeite  Mercantile Summoning Stone.png Mercantile  Mischievous Summoning Stone.png Mischievous  Mysterious Summoning Stone.png Mysterious  Mystical Summoning Stone.png Mystical  Shining Blade War Horn.png Shining Blade Tengu Support Flare.png Tengu Zaishen Summoning Stone.png Zaishen
Infinite uses Igneous Summoning Stone.png Igneous Legionnaire Summoning Crystal.png Legionnaire
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