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Number of skills 493
Elite skills 66
Supertype Skill
Sub types Enchantment spell
Hex spell
Item spell
Ward spell
Weapon spell
Well spell

Skill type. Type representing most magic skills.



  • Many equipment items have upgrade components that trigger on spell usage.
  • Warriors, Rangers and Paragons have no spells.


  • Enchantment spell: provides a benefit while active; primarily cast on allies and/or self.
    • Flash enchantments can be cast instantly to prevent them from interfering with attacking or movement.
    • Doublecast enchantments do not expire, but they require an upkeep of one pip (i.e. an energy degeneration rate of ⅓ energy per second).
    • Maintained enchantments buff both targets and most cause some type of damage to foes near both the target ally and the caster.
  • Hex spell: hinders or diminishes the abilities of the target; primarily cast on foes.
  • Item spell: creates a bundle item in the caster's hands, which has an effect while held and often when dropped.
  • Ward spell: creates an area of effect around the caster's position; positive effects are similar in nature to enchantments, while negative ones are similar to those from hexes.
  • Weapon spell: adds a benefit or change to weapon attacks that cannot be ended prematurely; can only be cast on allies and/or self. Each character can only have one active weapon spell at a time.
  • Well spell: exploit the nearest corpse to create a zone of effect around that corpse.