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Template:Creature infobox Suki crafts armor for core professions using the Ascalon armor art and Factions professions using the Seitung armor art. Suki also crafts the Ranger Prophecies masks, Monk Prophecies scalp design, Necromancer Prophecies scar pattern, Mesmer Prophecies masks and Elementalist auras.


Armor rating

  Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist
AR 80 70 60 70 60

Armor sets

Warrior Warrior

Name Art Bonus
Berserker's Ascalon Survivor
Dreadnought's Dreadnought
Gladiator's Radiant
Knight's Knight's
Legionnaire's Sentry's
Sentinel's Sentinel's
Warrior's None
Bruiser's Ascalon Radiant and Hammer Mastery +1
Dreadnought's Dreadnought and Strength +1
Duelist's Radiant and Swordsmanship +1
Executioner's Radiant and Axe Mastery +1
Gladiator's Radiant and Tactics +1
Knight's Knight's and Strength +1
Sentinel's Sentinel's armor and Strength +1
Warrior's None
Stonefist Gauntlets Ascalon Stonefist

Ranger Ranger

Name Art Bonus
Druid's Ascalon Radiant
Explorer's Survivor
Frostbound Frostbound
Pyrebound Pyrebound
Scout's Scout's
Sentry's Sentry's
Stormbound Stormbound
Ranger's None
Archer's Archer's Mask Radiant and Marksmanship +1
Hunter's Hunter's Mask Radiant and Expertise +1
Ranger's Simple Mask None
Tamer's Tamer's Mask Radiant and Beast Mastery +1
Traveler's Traveler's Mask Radiant and Wilderness Survival +1

Monk Monk

Name Art Bonus
Acolyte's Ascalon Blessed
Ascetic's Radiant
Disciple's Disciple's
Judge's Stalwart
Monk's None
Shepherd's Survivor
Wanderer's Wanderer's
Scalp designs
Defender's Prophecies scalp design Radiant and Protection Prayers +1
Monk's None
Prophet's Radiant and Divine Favor +1
Servant's Radiant and Healing Prayers +1
Zealot's Radiant and Smiting Prayers +1

Necromancer Necromancer

Name Art Bonus
Blighter's Ascalon Blighter's
Cabalist's Radiant
Revenant's Survivor
Bonelace Bonelace
Minion Master's Minion Master's
Necromancer's None
Tormentor's Tormentor's
Scar patterns
Devilish Prophecies scar pattern Radiant and Soul Reaping +1
Necromancer's None
Ragged Radiant and Blood Magic +1
Vile Radiant and Death Magic +1
Wicked Radiant and Curses +1
Bloodstained Boots Ascalon Bloodstained

Mesmer Mesmer

Name Art Bonus
Charlatan's Ascalon Blessed
Enchanter's Radiant
Masquerade Survivor
Mesmer's None
Rogue's Stalwart
Savant's Sentry's
Virtuoso's Virtuoso's
Animal Animal Mask Radiant and Inspiration Magic +1
Costume Costume Mask Radiant and Illusion Magic +1
Discreet Discreet Mask None
Imposing Imposing Mask Radiant and Domination Magic +1
Sleek Sleek Mask Radiant and Fast Casting +1

Elementalist Elementalist

Name Art Bonus
Aeromancer's Ascalon Aeromancer
Archmage's Survivor
Battlemage's Stalwart
Geomancer's Geomancer
Hydromancer's Hydromancer
Pyromancer's Pyromancer
Elementalist's None
Tempest Blessed
Aeromancer's Aeromancer's Aura Radiant and Air Magic +1
Elementalist's Elementalist's Aura None
Everlasting Everlasting Aura Radiant and Energy Storage +1
Geomancer's Geomancer's Aura Radiant and Earth Magic +1
Hydromancer's Hydromancer's Aura Radiant and Water Magic +1
Pyromancer's Pyromancer's Aura Radiant and Fire Magic +1

Assassin Assassin

Name Art Bonus
Assassin's Seitung None
Infiltrator's Infiltrator's
Nightstalker's Nightstalker's
Saboteur's Saboteur's
Shrouded Radiant
Valkyrie's Survivor
Vanguard's Vanguard's
Assassin's Seitung None
Bladed Radiant and Dagger Mastery +1
Deadly Radiant and Deadly Arts +1
Keen Radiant and Critical Strikes +1
Shadowy Radiant and Shadow Arts +1

Ritualist Ritualist

Name Art Bonus
Emissary's Seitung Ghost Forge
Halcyon's Radiant
Harbinger's Survivor
Mystic's Mystic's
Oracle's Herald's
Ritualist's None
Shaman's Shaman's
Channeler's Seitung Radiant and Channeling Magic +1
Communer's Radiant and Communing +1
Restorer's Radiant and Restoration Magic +1
Ritualist's None
Summoner's Radiant and Spawning Power +1