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Peppermint Shield.png The Peppermint Shield is this user's favorite weapon.


{{User Favorite_Weapon|1|2|3|4|5}}


1: Profession: In the form e, a, rt, etc. This gives the template the color information.
2: Weapon name: In the form seen on the wiki or in-game, i.e. Platinum Sickles.
3: Your name, your character's name: This will show up as: "[...] is ___'s favorite weapon." Defaults to "this user".
4: Weapon article: If the article does not suit well your favorite weapon, for example because it is unique, you can type "no" or "2" to remove it from the userbox. With "yes" or "1" the article will show up, what is also the default setting.
5: The picture: Either show the icon (using "1" or "icon") or image (using "2" or "image"). Defaults to icon.
6: Plural term: Changes the text to "are".


{{User favorite weapon|p|Tengu Shield|General Morgahn|yes|image}}
Tengu Shield.jpg The Tengu Shield is General Morgahn's favorite weapon.

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