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Known clans


The Angchu are a tribe of Canthan Tengu who are at peace with humans.


Avicara live in the Shiverpeak Mountains, with their base in Mineral Springs. They are whitefeathered.


The Caromi are aggressive Tengu found in Kryta.


Quetzal are green-feathered and territorial Tengu that are found around the Tarnished Coast, they have the unique ability to mimic player's shout skills.


Sensali Tengu reside on Shing Jea Island, within the mountains. They are enemies of the Angchu Tengu and humans.


Region Clan Name Trophy
Kryta Caromi Warrior 12, 13 (24) Caromi Tengu Brave
Warrior 18 (25) Caromi Tengu Elite
Ranger 13 (24) Caromi Tengu Scout
Ranger 17 (25) Caromi Tengu Fierce
Mesmer 12 (24) Caromi Tengu Wild
Mesmer 17 (25) Caromi Tengu Seer
Feathered Caromi Scalp
Shiverpeak Mountains Avicara Warrior 24 (26) Avicara Brave
Ranger 24 (26) Avicara Fierce
Monk 24 (26) Avicara Ardent
Necromancer 24 (26) Avicara Guile
Mesmer 24 (26) Avicara Wise
Feathered Avicara Scalp
Shing Jea Island Sensali Warrior 4 (22) Sensali Fighter
Necromancer 5 (23) Sensali Blood
Assassin 5 (23) Sensali Assassin
Feathered Scalp
Warrior 12 (24) Sensali Cutter
Necromancer 12 (24) Sensali DarkFeather
Assassin 12 (24) Sensali Claw
Feathered Crest
Kaineng City Warrior 20 (26) Star Blade
Ranger 20 (26) Star Sentinel
Ritualist 20 (26) Star Light
Tarnished Coast Quetzal Warrior 20 (26) Quetzal Stark
Ranger 20 (26) Quetzal Keen
Necromancer 20 (26) Quetzal Dark
Mesmer 20 (26) Quetzal Sly
Quetzal Crest


  • In Japanese folklore, Tengu are a class of supernatural creatures.
  • The name Quetzal refers to a family of colorful tropical birds found in Central America.