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A trophy (or collectable drop) is a type of item dropped by enemies that can be sold to merchants for gold or traded to certain NPCs (called collectors) for other item rewards. Trophies are only dropped singly by normal foes, while bosses can drop stacks of up to three trophies. See Category:Trophies for details on each trophy.

Quest reward trophies

Quest reward trophies, also known as reward tokens, are a subtype of trophies which are only obtained as quest rewards. They can be exchanged with certain NPCs in major towns for many items sold by merchants, like kits, keys, alcohol, and, in the case of Trade Contracts, Rubies, Sapphires, and Diamonds.

Some examples of these are:

This type of trophy cannot be sold to a merchant.

Challenge mission rewards

Challenge mission rewards are mostly Armor remnants. They can be earned by completing tasks in a challenge, killing certain enemies and through a chest drop (only with Primeval Armor Remnant(s) and Deldrimor Armor Remnant(s)).

Armor Remnants/Pieces:

These armor remnants/pieces can be used to upgrade your hero's armor, this does not give any armor boost and is like a players' Prestige armor

These trophies can be sold to other players but not to merchants.

Festival trophies

Festival trophies can generally be obtained as both loot and quest rewards, but only during festivals such as Wintersday or Canthan New Year, e.g. Candy Cane Shards, Lunar Tokens or Jade Wind Orbs (used in the first Dragon Festival). There is a chance any kind of monster can drop these trophies.

Domain of Anguish gemstones


  • A straightforward method of obtaining trophies is to locate an explorable area which has the mob or creature you want near an exit portal. By repeatedly exiting the area and coming back in and kill that one group, your party will usually acquire that trophy, although it is definitely a tedious process. This may be applicable for certain bosses as well.