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{{User Female}}{{User Gamer Chick}}  
{{User Female}}
{{Xfire|FantilSwift}} {{User Windows}}
{{User Gamer Chick}}
{{User:Halogod35/Depressed}} {{userbox|purple|white|Meow|This user has an obession with saying "Meow".}}
{{User Windows}}
{{User Asura fan}} {{User loves User Boxes}}
{{userbox|black|{{Mo-color}}|[[File:Martyr.jpg]]|This user's [[User:James Swift|husband]] plays Guildwars and is on GWW.}}  
{{User thief 3b}} {{User listens music}}
{{User Guild|Insane Obsessions With}}
{{User Vampires}}{{User Shining Blade}} 
{{userbox|grey|pink|[[File:Guild Insane Obsessions With cape.jpg|50px]]|This user is the beloved Co-Leader of [[Guild:Insane Obsessions With|Insane Obsessions With [CATS]]].}}
{{User:Titani Ertan/Templates/PorNo}} 
{{User Eternal Clarity}}
{{User Elona}}  {{User elementalist}} {{User fire ele}}  {{User Unhealthy Elementalist}}
{{User caster}}
{{User Balthazars follower}} {{User Grenths follower}}
{{User Elona}}  
{{User RealmofTormentNative}}{{User:Rycharde/Userboxes/HateMesmers}}
{{User VabbiNative}}
{{User Miniature collector}} {{User Age|9900|15}}
{{User Balthazars follower}}  
{{User MOX meh}}{{User Polymock Fan2}}
{{User Grenths follower}}  
{{User Costumes}} {{User GWchapters2}}
{{User Luxon}}  
{{User NoPVP}}{{User PvE}}
{{Userbox| id = [[Image:User-Texmod.png]]
{{User RP}} {{User 7 Heroes}}
| border-color = {{any-color|dark}}
{{userbox|black|silver|[[File:Pain Inverter.jpg|50px]]| This user's favorate skill is [[Pain Inverter]].}}
| id-c =  white
{{userbox|Black|Silver|[[Image:Palm Strike.jpg|45px]]| This user likes to Palm Strike Noobs!}}
| info = This [[:Category:Users who use Texmod|user]] uses Texmod.
{{User Cat}}
| info-c =  {{any-color|lighter}}
{{User fire lover}}
{{userbox|black|pink|[[File:User Fantil Swift.jpg|60px]]|This user's character names almost always include her first name.}}
{{userbox|purple|pink|Time|This user spends too much time doing stuff to her profile.}}
{{User Userbox Maker|Too many}}
{{userbox|black|rose|[[Image:Migraine.jpg|50px]]|This user suffers from Migraines.}}
{{userbox|black|orange|[[File:Prince_Rurik.jpg|50px]]|This user hates [[Rurik]].}}
{{userbox|black|silver|[[Image:Swap.jpg]]|This user likes to "POOF".}}
{{userbox|black|white|[[File:Slim_Spectacles_front_f_elementalist.jpg‎|50px]]|This user loves buying and wearing [[Slim Spectacles]].}}
{{userbox|Black|Silver|[[Image:shadow Form.jpg|60px]]|This user '''DISLIKES''' the new [[Shadow Form]] function and likes the old one better. PRE NERF SF FTW!}}
{{userbox|black|silver|[[Image:Vow of Silence.jpg|50px]]|This user is a [[Vow of Silence]] runner on a [[Dervish]] character.}}
{{user no!}}
{{userbox|brown|white|[[File:FactionsMissionIcon.png|50px]]|This user can get to [[Cavalon]] before doing the [[Sunjiang District]] mission.}}
{{userbox|black|grey|[[File:Deldrimor_Maul.jpg‎|100px]]|This user likes the band Hammerfall.}}
{{userbox|lightblue|lightblue|[[Image:Monk.png|50px]]|This user is an amazing [[monk]] in training. She has been monking for awhile and is a good heal monk, but not much of a prot monk.}}
{{userbox|black|grey|[[File:HYAHHHHH!.jpg|50px]]|This user is very hyper.}}
{{User Pet|Tiger|female||Fantil's Love|Fantil Swift|e}}
{{User Main|e|User:Fantil Swift/Fantil Swift}}
{{userbox|black|silver|[[File:Resurrection Signet.jpg|50px]]|This user never carries a resurrection skill in PvE. Jeez leave that to the monks.}}
{{userbox|black|silver|[[File:Charr Sword.jpg|75px]]|This user likes Swords in real life more than axes and hammers. However likes axes the most in GW.}}
{{userbox|black|lightblue|[[File:Murakai, Lady of the Night.jpg|50px]]|Murakai, Lady of the Night is a sucker when used [[Pain Inverter]] on.}}
{{userbox|black|lightblue|[[File:Zaishen Bounty.png|50px]]|This user does the [[Zaishen Bounty]] and the [[Zaishen Mission]], whenever she remembers to.}}
{{userbox|black|lightblue|[[File:Pywatt the Swift.jpg|50px]]|This user beleives we should have a biweekly [[Pywatt the Swift]] slaughter fest for stealing part of this user's childhood nickname of Fantil The Swift.}}
{{User favorite weapon|e|Destroyer Staff|Fantil Swift|yes|}}
{{userbox|black|silver|[[File:Raptor.jpg|50px]]|This user hates raptors.}}
{{userbox|black|darkred|[[File:Bleeding.jpg|50px]]|This user is normally [[bleeding]] and enjoys making other people bleed......}}
{{userbox|black|darkred|[[File:burning.jpg|50px]]|... But this user likes burning people more.}}
{{userbox|whie|lightblue|[[File:Normal gw2logo.jpg|75px]]|This user doesnt support swimming or jumping in [[Guildwars 2]] and might '''NOT''' buy it because of this. She also has other reasons why she doesnt want to buy it.}}
{{userbox|lightgreen|pink|User Boxes|This user is a self-taught pro at making userboxes, if you need any help, just ask her on her talk page.}}
{{userbox|brown|lightbrown|[[Image:sandstorm.jpg|50px]]|This user has her own sandbox, but would prefer if you didnt edit it.}}
{{userbox|green|silver|[[Image:Necromancer.png|50px]]|This user loves [[Sabway]] and uses it '''ALL''' the time.}}
{{userbox|pink|grey|Thank You|This user would like to thank all the users she stole bits and pieces of their pages for her page. She would thank you all indivually, but that is too much work and would take ages for her to both think of, and to type them all. THANKS ALL!}}
{{userbox|Silver|Grey|Stories|This user likes to write stories as see by her [[User:Fantil Swift/Characters|Characters]]. If you would like help creating a story for one of your characters, please tell me on my talk page, tell me what character, profession, gender(or a link to an info page you have made for that character or all your characters will work too, and it would be helpful if I had a picture).}}
{{userbox|lightblue|silver|Info|This user may be fairly new to GWW, but she has learned quite a bit and is willing to atempt to share her knowledge with less experianced wiki users. All Ya gotta do is ask.}}
{{User CharStories}}
{{userbox|orange|white|AFK|This user spends a lot of time in the game away from the keyboard. What? You thought I can play 22 hours a day AVG and not be afk alot? I do have school and sleep ya know.}}
{{userbox|Orange|white|AFK2|This user sleeps while afk and logges out to go to school, and sometimes forgets to change status to away. Dont exepct me to always answer back.}}
{{User HardMode}}
{{User:Y0_ich_halt/Templates/User Space|14}}
{{User favorite miniature|1|Celestial Tiger|Fantil Swift}}
{{userbox|red|pink|[[File:Elementalist.png|50px]]|This character currently has a total of 4 Elementalists.}}
{{userbox|silver|pink|Meow|This user is truely cat obssessed.}}
{{userbox|black|lightblue|[[Image:Pain.jpg|50px]]|Pain without love, Pain I cant get enough. Pain I like it rough, Cuz I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all.}}
{{userbox|black|purple|[[Image:Blackout.jpg|50px]]|This user likes when the lights go out.}}
{{userbox|black|grey|[[Image:Signet of Capture.jpg|50px]]|I gots a cookie, do you?}}
{{userbox|black|lightblue|[[Image:Blood is Power.jpg|50px]]|This user is an emo.}}
{{userbox|black|green|[[Image:Vile Touch.jpg|50px]]|This user has hands. :O}}
{{userbox|black|rose|[[Image:Flame Trap.jpg|50px]]|BURN BURN BURN!!!!!}}
{{userbox|black|pink|[[Image:Resurrect.jpg|50px]]|I Can FLY!!!}}
{{userbox|black|pink|[[Image:Spike Trap.jpg|50px]]|This user runs bare foot in the grass.}}
{{userbox|black|lightblue|[[Image:Blinding Surge.jpg|50px]]|I wear sunglasses so this doesnt happen.}}
{{userbox|black|pink|[[File:Female Elementalist Dance.gif|50px]]|Random Ele Dance.}}

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Female.png This user is Female.
OMG I'm a gamer chick!
Vista-icon.png This user is a Windows gamer.
Martyr.jpg This user's husband plays Guildwars and is on GWW.
User Adi Xfire.png This user's Xfire username is FantilSwift.
Guild Insane Obsessions With cape.jpg This user is a member of Insane Obsessions With.
Guild Insane Obsessions With cape.jpg This user is the beloved Co-Leader of Insane Obsessions With [CATS].
Guild Eternal Clarity crest.png This user a member of Eternal Clarity or part of the Ankh alliance!

Celestial Compass.png This user favors caster professions.
User Lensor ElonaMissionIcon.png This user is an Elonian at heart!
"Floating Mosque" concept art 2.jpg This user is a native of Vabbi.
User Nian Balthazar.jpg This user hails the god of war, Balthazar.
User Nian Grenth.jpg This user is a bloodsworn servant of Grenth.
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
User-Texmod.png This user uses Texmod.