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[[Category:GWW Helper Program members|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who patrol recent changes|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who release under GFDL|Poke]]
[[Category:Users in the European territory|Poke]]
[[Category:Users in a Kurzick alliance|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who play both PvE and PvP|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who favor monks|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who play the Prophecies campaign|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who play the Factions campaign|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who play the Nightfall campaign|Poke]]
[[Category:Users who collect miniatures|Poke]]

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Hello, my name is Patrick Westerhoff, and I am a bureaucrat on this wiki. I am also the developer of Guild Wars Wiki Tools, a widely used javascript toolset for the wiki, the owner of Wikichu, a wiki editing bot. Also I am the person the Guild Wars NPC Pokhe is named after.

I enjoy having edit wars with Anja, Aiiane, CoRrRan, Santax, ... (and with myself :/) and having block wars with Anja or Pling and finally even unblock wars with Pling. On the other hand, I do not enjoy having senseless discussions about ridiculous things with Aiiane, but for some reason I always do it :/.

Guild Wars
Elementalist-faded-large.png Patrick Brand
Tyrian character, born: 30.11.2005 – Rooster
Monk-faded-large.png Nao Ru
Tyrian character, born: 24.01.2006 – Pig
Ritualist-faded-large.png Akemi Miko
Canthan character, born: 07.09.2006 – Sheep
Ranger-faded-large.png Yumi Dzuru
Canthan character, born: before 06.10.2006 (?) – Monkey
Dervish-faded-large.png Reiko Uzu
Elonian character, born: 27.10.2006 – Monkey
Any-faded-large.png Account (created: 30.11.2005)
PvP characters: Poke Ddy, Poke Pvp
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