Zaishen Mission

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Zaishen Mission
Zaishen Mission.png
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Signpost
Service Quest giver
Level(s) 24
Campaign Core

The Zaishen Mission signpost is an NPC that offers a different daily Zaishen Challenge Quest for gold, title points, experience, and Zaishen Coins. You can get the quest rewards from Zehnchu at the Great Temple of Balthazar.



Changes daily, listed here in order of first appearance. For an overview of recent quests, see this page


PvE characters
This is the signpost where Zaishen Mission quests are posted.
Alternative with no quests available
There are no more quests available here today, but other signs may have more postings from the Zaishen.
Alternative when you already have 3 quests
The Zaishen only allow 3 missions to be undertaken at one time.
PvP characters
"This signpost speaks of far-off lands which you have no interest of as a PvP character."


  • The bonus/master reward objective is separate from the Hard Mode objective, which means you can complete the bonus/master reward in Normal Mode and complete the mission on any level in Hard Mode and still gain both bonus levels for the quest.


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