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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Aether Profession


When you look at all the Guild wars professions, you can see that they are all very distinct and different. What I mean by that is that they all use completely different elements or powers to do certain things. The current professions use Light, Death, Steel, Shadow, Nature, Spirit, Mind Power, Air/Water/Fire/Earth, Holy, Command/Leadership, and apparently Time (Chronomancer) to damage foes and to support their allies. If a new profession is going to be introduced in GW2, it has to fulfill two things. First, it must use a completely different power to damage foes, or to support or heal their allies and second, it must do it with a new source of power or type of damage.

An Aether calls upon the power of space in battle. Aethers use the Moon, Sun and Stars to heal, damage and support. The Moon is used to heal, the Sun is used to deal damage and the stars are used to to a little of both. The new type of damage Aethers deal is arcane damage. They are called Aethers because Aether is the God of the upper air in Greek Culture.



Since I want this class to look different, it has to have a defining piece of armor. In the other professions, the defining piece of armor is the headgear. So I was thinking that Aethers would wear long scarves. The scarves could vary in length and width for more custimization. I imagined that they would cover the wearer's whole neck and even be wide enough to cover the mouth. The length of the scarf could be connected to the amount of armor the scarf has. Meaning that the more armor the scarf has, the longer it will be. When the Aether fights, I imagined the scarf would flow and move like the current Guild Capes, but not as much because the capes move almost annoyingly too much. The rest of the armor would be light weight for movement but will be somewhat durable. It would probably have 70 armor. If possible, they would also wear shoulderpads. I am still thinking about other ideas for armor so post your suggestions.


At first, I wanted the Aether to weild a huge bow. A bow even bigger than a longbow, but each profession should weild a different kind of weapon. So after some thought, I think this profession would use a slicer. That is a weapon that you fling at your target from a distance. But the cool thing is, once it hits one enemy, it can keep going and attack other nearby targets too. So if you still dont understand, say there is an enemy in front of you, and another a couple feet behind him, you can fling ur spinner at the one enemy and it would keep going and attack the second target.

Most weapon types should be able to be spinners. From a sword to a fan. Also, the weapon itself isnt flung. Energy or the essence of the weapon is flung to make it more realistic in terms of "infinite" weapons like the paragon's spear.

Guest suggestion --- 1 energy loss per hit (when attacking normally) Benefit: ignores X amount of armour maybe?

Attributes and Skills


Sunlight- No inherent effect. Many Aether skills, especially those that deal arcane damage, become more effective with higher Sunlight.

Lunar Esence- No inherent effect. Many Aether skills, especially those that heal your allies, become more effective with higher Lunar Essence.

Star Power- No inherent effect. Many Aether skills, especially those that support allies and deal damage, become more effective with higher Star Power.

(primary)Orbital Range- For each rank, the Aether's skills that chain affect your enemies or allies become 3% more effective for each target. This is kind of hard to understand. Say an Aether has a Spin attribute level of 10. He or she uses a Spin attribute skill that attacks a foe and deals 35 to it. That seems pretty low but it is for balancing reasons. But the attack keeps going and attacks another enemy. This enemy would take 45 damage. If the attack keep going and attacks another enemy, that enemy would take 59 damage and so on. I also thought the same concept could be applied to Lunar essence. The Aether would heal one ally and then keep going and heal another for a little more. Refer to the skills section for more clarification.

This might need some work or tweeking.


I am introducing a new kind of spell. It is called a "spinner spell." It acts as a spell but can chain. A spinner is required to use the chaining effect however. If a spinner is not being used, the skill is just a regular spell.

Lunar Essence:

Moonlight- This skill is kind of like the Orison of Healing of Lunar Essence.

Spell. Target ally is healed for 40...90 health.

5 energy~5/4 second cast~5 second recharge

Luna, the Celestial Body-This was just an idea I had that would be very cool and unique.

Enchantment Spell. For 20...50 seconds, you may only attack your allies, but your weapon heals instead of dealing damage.

Mimas, the Death Star-Enchantment Spell. For 2...6 seconds, if target ally recieves damage that would be fatal, the party is healed for that much instead.

Ganymede, the Bearer-

Titan, the Clouded-

Callisto, The Loved- Spinner spell. Heal target for 60...140. Spin attribute is doubled for this spell.

Why this is a good idea
  •   Great new profession. No other game has one like it.
  •   Fits in well with the game.
  • Programming is a job. "More programming" isnt an issue especially if it can improve a game. Thumbs up for this idea (concept prob needs a little more refining but still good).
  • Who said Sylvari would be the only new race :P
Why it may not work out
  •   More programming.