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ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/The Utopia Continent

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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Utopia Continent (Discussion)

If some of you didn't know a Guild Wars Utopia was planned and the presumably stopped to work on GW2. It would have taken place on a western continent unknown so far other than a few discreet hints in the game.

Why this is a good idea
  • By adding this to the game it would make an addition to the Guild Wars Universe, while not really having to change the goings of the currently planned Tyria/Cantha/Elona events.
  • Some of this area might have planned already and may be put to work in this coming game.
  • It could add new races, areas, and elements not already seen or add on to existing things.
  • Because things like the Tanneks were taken out even newer races could be designed to be part of this area.
  • Could be used to find the true origin of some races (Mursaat,Seers,Centaurs)
Why it may not work out
  • There may have been more reasons to stopping this game/area, and may not be wanted in the story.
  • Since some elements of the game were placed in GWEN/EotN, it may be unwanted to re-add similar things.
  • Might not fit with the GW2 storyline.
  • Utopia was incorperated into the tarnished coast
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