Armor of Salvation

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Armor of Salvation
Armor of Salvation.png
Rarity Rare
Skill Armor of Salvation (item effect).jpg Armor of Salvation (item effect)
Type Consumable
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Uses 1

Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to grant your party members immunity to 50% of critical hits, +10 armor, +1 Health regeneration, and damage reduction of 5 for the next 30 minutes. This item cannot be used in PvP.

— In-game description

[edit] Acquisition

[edit] Notes

  • Your character must have at least Deldrimor rank 3 (Gutsy Delver) before Alcus Nailbiter will craft this item.
  • The -5 damage reduction is applied before any skill effects take place, but after armor calculation (including armor boosts from skills). This makes Armors of Salvation useless to 55 monks and similar builds with damage already reduced as low as possible.
  • The effect does not go away when you die, but does when you travel to a new zone. (This is consistent with other consumables that do not provide morale boosts.)
  • Armor of Salvation is included in the +25 armor cap.

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