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In general, calling means to announce gameplay relevant information on team-chat. This is done by holding down the "Show Targets" hotkey (Left CTRL by default) and clicking on certain objects or elements of the user interface. The proper use of this feature can increase the effectiveness of a team extremely as it is a very quick and easy way to distribute crucial information among members of the team.

More specifically, a player can call:

  • Conditions, hexes, enchantments and other effects on themself by clicking on the icons in the effects monitor (e.g. "I am enchanted with Mending!").
  • Their health, energy or level by clicking the respective bars (e.g. "My health is 200 of 480!").
    • If the target's health is 0, the call is instead "I'm dead!" for the one calling or "I'm moving to the corpse of Target" for other targets.
  • Their weapon setup, by clicking the equipped weapons on the enabled weapon set.
  • Skill usage, when casting ("I'm using Spiteful Spirit on Spined Aloe!").
  • General actions ("I'm attacking Spined Aloe!" or "I'm using a Lever"!). Note that it is often helpful to use the "Suppress Action" hotkey (SHIFT by default) in combination with this, thus calling "I'm targeting Spined Aloe!" without actually attacking the target.

Target calling[edit]

When a player calls his attack on an opponent, that opponent will become the party's priority target, and the foe's location will be automatically pinged red. Players can acquire the same target by pressing the "Targetting: Priority Target" hotkey ("T" by default), or by clicking the bright red icon that appears next to the caller's name in the party window.

If a second player calls a target, it overrides the prior priority target, though the prior remains visible for a time as a dark red icon by the party window.

Henchmen and heroes will instantly engage any priority target that is in range. This is very useful for weaker characters as they can send the henchmen / heroes in first. Henchmen and heroes will also switch targets if a new priority target is called if already engaged.

Human players can use target calling to warn their team about powerful enemies, to focus fire, or (particularly with the help of a voice chat countdown) coordinate deadly spikes. They can also call skills which cause certain conditions on foes, if other players can exploit those conditions. To prevent confusion on the battlefield, many parties designate a single player as the "caller".