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A continent in Guild Wars refers to the primary land mass that each campaign takes place in. There are currently three known continents:

In the core areas, some consider the Battle Isles as a continent as well.

World of Tyria (edit)
Continents TyriaCanthaElona
Kingdom of AscalonBahnelon RiverBattle IslesBlazeridge MountainsCrystal DesertDajkahDesolationDzalanaEchovald ForestElon RiverFar ShiverpeaksGiant's BasinJade SeaIsles of JanthirIstanJanthir BayKournaKingdom of KrytaQinkaishi MountainsRaisu PalaceRijeka RiverRing of FireRuins of OrrSea of SorrowsShing Jea Island Shiverpeak MountainsSparkfly SwampStrait of MalchorSulfurous WastelandsTarnished CoastUllen RiverUnending OceanVabbiWoodland Cascades
The Battle IslesThe Mists
Prophecies regions Ascalon (pre-Searing)AscalonNorthern ShiverpeaksSouthern ShiverpeaksKrytaMaguuma JungleCrystal DesertRing of Fire Islands
Factions regions Shing Jea IslandKaineng CityEchovald ForestThe Jade Sea
Nightfall regions IstanKournaVabbiThe DesolationRealm of Torment
Eye of the North regions Charr HomelandsDepths of TyriaFar ShiverpeaksTarnished Coast