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In Guild Wars, damage reduction refers to any of three methods of reducing incoming or outgoing damage.

  • Subtractive (or Absorption) reduces or prevents damage by a fixed amount.
  • Percentage (or Fixed Fraction) reduces damage by a percentage of the total incoming damage.
  • Threshold (or Damage Cappers) prevents the damage from exceeding a percentage of a certain threshold, almost always the target's health.

[edit] Subtractive damage reduction

Subtractive damage reduction, also known as absorption, reduces or prevents damage by a fixed amount.

[edit] Subtractive damage reduction against all damage

The following provide damage reduction against all damage:

[edit] Subtractive attack damage reduction

See also: Skills that prevent critical hits

[edit] Subtractive damage reduction against physical damage

The following reduce all incoming physical damage:

  • Knight's Insignia: -3 (local protection only, i.e. to the specific area protected by the armor to which it is applied)

[edit] Percentage damage reduction

Percentage damage reduction, also known as fixed fraction, lowers damage by a fixed fraction of the original damage; it stacks multiplicatively.

[edit] Percentage attack damage reduction

[edit] Threshold damage reduction

Threshold damage reduction, also known as damage cappers, prevent all damage above a certain threshold (generally a percentage of the target's maximum health), while having no effect on damage below that threshold.

[edit] See also

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