Defender of Ascalon

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Defender of Ascalon
Eternal Defender of Ascalon.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Title type Character

The Legendary Defender of Ascalon title can only be gained by attaining level 20 in Ascalon (pre-Searing), the tutorial area in Guild Wars Prophecies. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument without leaving the area by speaking with Kimmes The Historian in Ascalon City.

Defender of Ascalon title track[edit]

Tier Title Level in pre-Searing
1 Legendary Defender of Ascalon 20


Players can only progress this title while in pre-Searing Ascalon.

  • There is a total of 9,650-10,400 experience (XP) that you can gain via one-time quests. (source)
    • You have to claim 750-850 XP of potential rewards to permanently learn any skills.
    • You need to claim another 250 XP to claim a secondary (although you can learn some of the skills without doing so, by testing the profession).
  • You cannot reach level 10 without farming experience; there is no way to reach it through questing alone (see below for tips on finding XP-rich foes).
  • After reaching level 10, you can gain 1,000 XP per day by completing Lieutenant Langmar's daily requests (in addition to the associated experience you will receive from killing the resulting foes).


Save your quest experience[edit]

Since the amount of experience from quests is fixed, but the amount earned from killing foes decreases as your character levels, it makes sense to save some of your quest rewards so that you can claim them strategically.

  • Do accept the rewards for Message from a Friend, War Preparations and for <Your Profession> Test.
  • If you adventure with other people, also accept the reward from Adventure with an Ally.
  • Take on as many other quests as you want (especially those that offer skills, below), but hold off on claiming the rewards until you reach one of the following milestones:
    • Level 9: some people find reaching level 10 to be the most tedious step or
    • Level 16: some people find reaching level 17 to be the most challenging (since most foes give very little XP).

Maximizing experience while learning skills[edit]

  1. Start (but do not complete) your Primary Profession quests, to learn skills:
  2. Start one Secondary Profession quest (from those marked (§) above). Many players prefer The Ranger's Companion because it allows you to tame a pet and teaches you Troll Unguent.
    • Make sure to complete and accept the rewards for all quests marked (§) before committing to a second profession. If not, that experience will be lost.

Farming XP to reach level 10[edit]

Wizard's Folly elemental run
Farming the Catacombs
The bull, drake, and Charr at the Gate in Lakeside County.
  • The Northlands is the most experience-rich area, since the vast majority of foes are higher level, including:
    • Charr (levels 7-8)
    • Oakhearts (level 5) (interesting if another player can zone for you)
    • Charr bosses (level 10) (which also offer the best drops in pre-Searing)

Farming XP after level 10[edit]

  • You can choose to claim the quest rewards from Lieutenant Langmar every day.
  • You can also hold onto a specific quest and farm the resulting foes.
    • The amount of experience will vary with your level (and whether you farm with a partner), but players can quickly exceed Langmar's 1,000 XP/day.
    • Each quest is easier for some professions than others; some players prefer the Annihilation-style quests (more foes) while others prefer the boss hunts (easier-to-reach foes, for quick turn-around).
    • The Farmer Hamnet rescue provides an easy farming opportunity: it takes less than a minute to kill the two Vanguard foe bandits who spawn outside Foible's Fair (plus: the nearby monk at the resurrection shrine will help by healing you and/or tanking). Use the command /resign to re-appear closer to the portal every run.
    • During Undead Annihilation exit from Ashford Abbey to the catacombs; sometimes, several high level foes will be just down the stairs. You can draw them into range of the shrine, where the allied monk will assist by healing you and fighting the undead.
Charr bosses vs Vanguard foes

As an alternative to farming the Lieutenant's quests and Vanguard foes, you can farm Charr bosses to reach level 14 or even level 16.

  • The biggest advantage is that the bosses offer substantial drops and the Vanguard foes offer none.
  • However, this strategy takes much, much longer:
    • After level 14, the Vanguard foes are more plentiful and of higher level, so they offer faster leveling.
    • At best, you can only farm four bosses at a time and it takes some time to reach them (they are located far from the nearest portal and you need another player to assist you in entering the Northlands). In contrast, every Vanguard quest offers a half-dozen or more foes within a short distance of the nearest portal.

Summary of tips[edit]

Goal Additional XP Key method Notes
Before L10 varies Power leveling Find a partner to power level your character in the Northlands.
Level 1→5 11,600 Farming Lakeside County
Ice Elementals farming
Key foes: Rogue Bull, River Drake, River Skale Brood
(Other possibilities: Skullreaver and Tomb Nightmare in Catacombs; Melandru's Stalkers in Regent Valley)
Levels 6→8 15,000 Charr at the Gate
Ice Elementals farming
During Charr at the Gate you can let Prince Rurik do all the fighting. If having access to the summoning stone (from bonus), you can also let the Fire Imp melt the ice elementals
Level 8→9 6,200 Charr at the Gate
Northlands farming
Ice Elementals farming
There aren't enough quest rewards to reach L10.
Levels 9→10 6,800 Claim quest rewards + above. Claim the rewards to avoid tedium now or hold for L16.
Level 10→16 53,400 Lieutenant Langmar's quests
Farming Vanguard foes
From L10-14, you gain more XP per kill from Charr bosses (and get drops), but this takes considerably more time.
Level 16→17 11,000 Continue with Langmar's quests and/or Vanguard foes.
Claim quest rewards.
Save the quest rewards for this step if you think you will have trouble with the higher level foes.
Level 17-20 36,600 As above. As above.


  • When hunting Charr at lower levels, you can use Ben Wolfson (from the Across the Wall quest) to help you kill foes; he deals a surprising amount of damage and is rather durable for a level 5 NPC. As with any allies, you will not gain any experience from foe deaths unless you contribute to the kills.
  • The Fire Imp helps a lot in getting this title: you're under level 20 all the time, with only a maximum of two members in the party and no other summoning stones available. It also deals enough damage (especially against ice elementals which are weak against fire damage) on its own that your character can refrain from accepting the "Profession Test" reward until a higher level is reached. You should still be able to learn a few other skills of your primary profession if talking to another skill trainer.
  • This is the only PvE-title with any restrictions on completion: it is only available to Tyrian-born characters and even those characters will be unable to complete it if they leave pre-Searing.


  • Gwen, a Red Iris Flower, and the banner of Ascalon are featured in the Hall of Monuments statue.
  • Before the March 3rd, 2011 update, the only way to achieve this title was to death level. The update added new quests in pre-Searing that provide enough experience (through rewards and killing foes) to allow one to reach the title without dying at all. This also enables access to the Survivor titles, see also Legendary Survivor of Ascalon.

Captain Langmar—or Lieutenant, as her rank was then—is making an appearance in Pre-Searing. She's got two good eyes and nine new daily quests with her. These quests will scale both in difficulty and rewards relative to the level of the player taking the quests. Because of this, these quests will always remain relevant to your character's growth if you are trying to reach level 20 in Pre-Searing.

This addition is mostly to provide a legitimate way for players to achieve the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. Previously, this title was obtainable only through an unusual exploit of the game's mechanics: "death leveling." For this exploit, players allowed enemies to kill them repeatedly until the enemies leveled to a point where they were once again worth experience to the player. This was an incredibly time-consuming process, often requiring months to achieve. While this shows noble dedication from our players, we should not have encouraged such a counterintuitive style of playing. Instead, we are adding these daily quests to do the title justice and to let players legitimately play the game to earn the title. After all, do you really feel like a Legendary Defender of Ascalon after letting the charr kill you endlessly?

These quests become available to players once they reach level 10, to avoid confusion among new players about how long they should remain in Pre-Searing. Because these quests occur daily, obtaining the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title is still going to require a major time investment from the player and should not devalue the achievement of those who already have it.

Developer updates

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