Glyph of Concentration

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Disambig icon.png "GoC" redirects here. For the Necromancer skill, see Gaze of Contempt.

Glyph of Concentration

  • 5 Energy
  • 1 Activation
  • 10 Recharge

Glyph. For 15 seconds, your next 1 spell cannot be interrupted and ignores the effects of being Dazed.

Concise description

Glyph (15 seconds.) Your next 1 spell cannot be interrupted and is unaffected by the Dazed condition.

[edit] Acquisition

Skill trainers
Signet of Capture

[edit] Related skills

[edit] Notes

  • Use of the glyph will not prevent skills that disable the affected spell, e.g. it does not prevent Power Block.
Bug Bug.It is sometimes possible to be interrupted by a Destroyer of Deeds using Broad Head Arrow in Glint's Challenge or by the environment effect Cathedral Collapse in Arborstone while this glyph is still active.

[edit] Trivia

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