Grenth's Regalia

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Grenth's Regalia

This imposing Grenth costume represents the rarely-seen, fashionable side of the Tyrian god of death. Deck out your character in regal morbidity with this costume and matching headpiece, and spread a little darkness this Wintersday!

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Grenth's Regalia is a costume fashioned after Grenth, the god of death and ice. The set comprises of a Grenth's Visage and Grenth's Regalia.

[edit] Acquisition

Available from the Guild Wars In-Game Store since Wintersday 2009.

[edit] Dye

Dye affects the hooded area of the visage and the first layer of the regalia. The metallic areas and the cape are unaffected. The default color is gray.

[edit] Notes

Bug Bug.Some hair styles clip through the costume's collar.
Bug Bug.When walking, the boots will display clipping through the cape.
Bug Bug.Grenth's Visage has some clipping issues with high-collared armor, for example Female Necromancer Norn and Elite Sunspear armor.
Bug Bug.The sides of the cape disappear when the point of view is zoomed out.
Bug Bug.When viewing a character on the character selection screen, the diadem will not appear and the regalia will be a different color to how it appears in-game

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