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[edit] Drago Warrior The Red Dragons [DW]

Drago Warrior The Red Dragons [DW]
Territory International
Language English
Leader Warrior Dragostew
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 19
Guild Hall Burning Isle
Time zone GMT

DW is a PvE focussed Guild that existed since Guildwars Beta in 2005.

[edit] Chat Rules

  • Do not insult others! Instead we ask you to keep conversations in Guild- and Alliancechat friendly.
  • Do not beg for money! If you really need money, you can ask your close friends directly.
  • Do not spam! When you asked a question on Guild- or Alliancechat and get no answer, it will not help to write the questions every 5secs or in CAPS. For those cases there is a great Tool called Guild Wars Wiki. To Search within the Wiki you can use the ingame Help-function or the search on this website.

[edit] Recruitment

Currently we are not recruiting.

[edit] Contact information

[edit] Leader

  • Warrior Dragostew

[edit] Officers

  • Ciara Andraste, IGNs listed on my Userpage
  • Diason Wyvernspur
  • Draven Dethstalker
  • Talions Twlight

Legion Of Avalon Alliance
Leader Legion Of Avalon
Members Drago Warrior The Red Dragons • Elite Noobs Of God • Forgotten Knights Of Ascalon • Ghost Of A past • Guards Of The GateSacred Knights Of OrrSent Fromhell • The Bird Of Hermes • The Knights Of Drunken Nights
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