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[edit] I Agony Realm I [AR]

I Agony Realm I [AR]
Guild I Agony Realm I cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP (GvG)
No. of members 13
VoIP Teamspeak
IRC channel,
Webpage forum

Founded in may 2005 with the name Ancient Phoenix [AP], was the first Italian-only competitive gvg guild. After few months of practise, AP reached easily the top20 in the ladder.

In august 2006 Ancient Phoenix has joined the multigaming clan Agony†Realm, changing the name to the actual I Agony Realm I [AR].

The current guild rank, along with its history, can be found here.

[edit] Roster

  • U N F I N I S H E D (Barret)
  • Donna Azaria (Donna)
  • Sultans Of Swings (Expresso)
  • F U R I E (Furie)
  • Gabriel Angelwings (Gabriel)
  • Ayu Trance Fly High (Legio)
  • Seba Z (Seba)
  • Smoker The Lazy (Smoker)
  • Teh Shishi (Shishi)
  • Ti Aro (Weeza)
  • Questecure Rickroll(Queste)

[edit] Accomplishments

[edit] Hymn

Since the beggining of guild history, we found in this "drunken kraut" song the mirror of our spirit. Unfortunately we don't remember the credits for this amazing song.

[edit] Recruitment

We are not recruiting at the moment.

[edit] Contact information



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