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United Aussie Warriors Five [AUS]
Guild United Aussie Warriors cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members >350
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo and Mumble

United Aussie Warriors (UAW) is not technically a single guild, but rather an alliance that treats itself and acts like a single guild. Alliance chat is used in place of guild chat, and all guilds share the name United Aussie Warriors (or United Aussie Warriors two etc).

UAW was formed almost 24 months ago (November 2005) by Topaz Lazuli and Kaldar Knightblade aka Waking of the Dead, after having so much interest in the guilds we formed the second guild which filled within days.

Before starting UAW Topes and Kal had another sucessful guild called the Aussie battlers, UAW 2 was formed about 5 months before the release of factions, the guilds have done nothing but expand since the introduction of the alliances so Kal and Topes set to make UAW 3 after the release of factions, and appointed Wolf kazaa as leader UAW3, and since 3 has grown in numbers in such a short time the 3 of them made 4 and 5.

[edit] Leaders/Officers

Leader(s): Hot And Heavy, Topaz, Kal
Officers: Far too many to mention (70+)
Members: 250+

[edit] Information

Faction: Variable, 600,000+.
Recruiting: Yes
Pv?: Mostly PvE, very little PvP

United Aussie Warriors Alliance
Leader United Aussie Warriors
Members United Aussie Warriors TwoUnited Aussie Warriors ThreeUnited Aussie Warriors FourUnited Aussie Warriors Five
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