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[edit] We Want Cookies [NOW]

We Want Cookies [NOW]
Guild We Want Cookies cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language German
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP, GvG
Cape trim Gold
No. of members 8 + 3
Guild Hall Isle of Jade
VoIP Team Speak
Forums NOW forum
Time zone MEZ/MESZ (UTC+1/UTC+2)

We Want Cookies [NOW], founded in Febuary 2008, is a competetive Guild Wars Team. The current guild rank can be found here.

[edit] Accomplishments in "We Want Cookies [NOW]"

[edit] Accomplishments in "On Ne Plaisant Pas Avec Patrons [BOSS]"

[edit] Accomplishments in "Die Keller Kinder [KK]"

[edit] Accomplishments in "No Cookies Left [NOW]"

[edit] Accomplishments in "Now Reform [NOW]"

[edit] Members

Active Core Team

  • Bamboocha (Ill Bamboocha Il)
  • Jay (Ill Jay Il)
  • Shocky (Shocky Mcturtle)
  • Sini (Sini Plays)
  • Shy (Elemental Shy)
  • Mia (Mia Mmhhmm)
  • Ashley (Hey Ashley)
  • Jacko (Jacko The Sect)

Honorable Members

  • Goddie (Crystalline Goddie) [Inactive]
  • Elean (Elean Caineall)
  • Kane (Only Haze Remains)
  • Cele (Celements QQ)

[edit] Recruitment

  • We are just recruiting by personal invitations.
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