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Icon Name Skill history Page
Atrophy.jpg Atrophy Yes Atrophy/Skill history
Barbs.jpg Barbs Yes Barbs/Skill history
Cacophony.jpg Cacophony No Cacophony/Skill history
Chilblains.jpg Chilblains Yes Chilblains/Skill history
Corrupt Enchantment.jpg Corrupt Enchantment No Corrupt Enchantment/Skill history
Defile Defenses.jpg Defile Defenses No Defile Defenses/Skill history
Defile Enchantments.jpg Defile Enchantments No Defile Enchantments/Skill history
Defile Flesh.jpg Defile Flesh Yes Defile Flesh/Skill history
Depravity.jpg Depravity No Depravity/Skill history
Desecrate Enchantments.jpg Desecrate Enchantments Yes Desecrate Enchantments/Skill history
Enfeeble.jpg Enfeeble No Enfeeble/Skill history
Enfeeble (PvP).jpg Enfeeble (PvP) No Enfeeble (PvP)/Skill history
Enfeebling Blood.jpg Enfeebling Blood Yes Enfeebling Blood/Skill history
Enfeebling Blood (PvP).jpg Enfeebling Blood (PvP) No Enfeebling Blood (PvP)/Skill history
Enfeebling Touch.jpg Enfeebling Touch No Enfeebling Touch/Skill history
Envenom Enchantments.jpg Envenom Enchantments No Envenom Enchantments/Skill history
Faintheartedness.jpg Faintheartedness Yes Faintheartedness/Skill history
Feast of Corruption.jpg Feast of Corruption Yes Feast of Corruption/Skill history
Insidious Parasite.jpg Insidious Parasite Yes Insidious Parasite/Skill history
Lingering Curse.jpg Lingering Curse Yes Lingering Curse/Skill history
Malaise.jpg Malaise No Malaise/Skill history
Mark of Pain.jpg Mark of Pain No Mark of Pain/Skill history
Meekness.jpg Meekness No Meekness/Skill history
Order of Apostasy.jpg Order of Apostasy No Order of Apostasy/Skill history
Pain of Disenchantment.jpg Pain of Disenchantment No Pain of Disenchantment/Skill history
Parasitic Bond.jpg Parasitic Bond No Parasitic Bond/Skill history
Plague Sending.jpg Plague Sending Yes Plague Sending/Skill history
Plague Signet.jpg Plague Signet Yes Plague Signet/Skill history
Plague Touch.jpg Plague Touch Yes Plague Touch/Skill history
Poisoned Heart.jpg Poisoned Heart No Poisoned Heart/Skill history
Price of Failure.jpg Price of Failure Yes Price of Failure/Skill history
Reckless Haste.jpg Reckless Haste No Reckless Haste/Skill history
Rend Enchantments.jpg Rend Enchantments Yes Rend Enchantments/Skill history
Rigor Mortis.jpg Rigor Mortis No Rigor Mortis/Skill history
Rip Enchantment.jpg Rip Enchantment No Rip Enchantment/Skill history
Shadow of Fear.jpg Shadow of Fear Yes Shadow of Fear/Skill history
Shivers of Dread.jpg Shivers of Dread No Shivers of Dread/Skill history
Soul Barbs.jpg Soul Barbs No Soul Barbs/Skill history
Soul Bind.jpg Soul Bind Yes Soul Bind/Skill history
Spinal Shivers.jpg Spinal Shivers Yes Spinal Shivers/Skill history
Spiteful Spirit.jpg Spiteful Spirit Yes Spiteful Spirit/Skill history
Suffering.jpg Suffering Yes Suffering/Skill history
Ulcerous Lungs.jpg Ulcerous Lungs No Ulcerous Lungs/Skill history
Vocal Minority.jpg Vocal Minority No Vocal Minority/Skill history
Weaken Armor.jpg Weaken Armor No Weaken Armor/Skill history
Weaken Knees.jpg Weaken Knees No Weaken Knees/Skill history
Well of Darkness.jpg Well of Darkness No Well of Darkness/Skill history
Well of Ruin.jpg Well of Ruin No Well of Ruin/Skill history
Well of Silence.jpg Well of Silence No Well of Silence/Skill history
Well of Weariness.jpg Well of Weariness No Well of Weariness/Skill history
Wither.jpg Wither No Wither/Skill history
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