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Health degeneration

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Health degeneration is the constant loss of a creature's health caused by various effects, notably conditions and hexes. All effects that cause health degeneration stack and are negated 1:1 by health regeneration. If the total degeneration is stronger than total health regeneration, it is represented by left-facing pips on the health bar; each pip represents a loss of two health per second. The maximum degeneration is capped at 10 pips (i.e. a net loss of 20 health per second).

[edit] Sources

[edit] Conditions

Four of the ten conditions cause health degeneration.

Condition Pips
Bleeding Bleeding 3
Burning Burning 7
Disease Disease 4
Poison Poison 4
A health bar under degeneration from bleeding.
A health bar under degeneration from poison or disease.
A health bar under degeneration from a hex.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Necromancer Necromancer

[edit] Mesmer Mesmer

[edit] Ranger Ranger

[edit] Elementalist Elementalist

[edit] Assassin Assassin

[edit] Ritualist Ritualist

[edit] Any PvE only

[edit] Other

[edit] Notes

Anomaly Anomaly.The descriptions of the majority of skills causing health degeneration use the double negative phrasing of –[n] health degeneration rather than the more technically correct, –[n] health regeneration.

[edit] See also

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