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Holiday Blues

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Spell. Sacrifice 50% maximum Health. All nearby foes take 50 damage, and you bring the Holiday Blues to this location. For 30 seconds, foes within the area suffer -15 Health degeneration.

Concise description

Spell. Deals 50 damage to nearby foes. Foes within the area have -15 Health degeneration (30 seconds).

[edit] Acquisition

This skill is given to Necromancers under the Yuletide disguise, i.e. those competing in Dwayna Vs Grenth or various Wintersday quests.

[edit] Notes

  • This skill has the highest sacrifice cost of any player skill.
  • Health degeneration is capped at -10, so the additional degeneration can negate the effects of the only Yuletide regeneration skill, Ice Breaker.

[edit] Trivia

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