Imprisoned Spirits

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Imprisoned Spirits
Section The Underworld Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Reaper of the Bone Pits
in Bone Pits
(The Underworld)
Preceded by Clear the Chamber
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Imprisoned Spirits map.jpg
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Protect the group of souls that were wrongfully imprisoned in the Bone Pits.

Quest information[edit]


  • Defend the Released Spirits while they escape from the Pit.
  • Protect the Released Spirits while they travel to the Reaper.
  • Return to the Reaper of the Bone Pits for your reward.



It is highly advisable to have only one player take the quest while the rest of the party waits near the Bone Pit, where a group of four Tortured Spirits will spawn as soon as the quest is taken. If any of these spirits are killed, you will be forced to go back to the outpost, so make sure that your team protects them from the groups of Terrorweb Dryders and Skeletons of Dhuum which attack almost immediately. One group of enemies spawn near the bridge, and another one in the small hooked pathway to the north-east from the pit. A third group will spawn near the bridge shortly after the first two are defeated (at this point the Tortured Spirits will already have begun moving to the Reaper, so make sure not to run ahead). All of the enemy groups will move directly towards the spirits, so make sure to aggro them before they have a chance to destroy the spirits. Once you've killed the dryders the spirits will walk to the Reaper and the quest will be completed.









Initial dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Bone Pits
"While I was trapped by the Terrorwebs, many souls which should not have been consigned to such a fate were cast down into the pit. Most have been lost forever, but a few remain who have not yet been driven to madness. I shall make it possible for them to escape the realm of torment. Do not allow these Released Spirits to be destroyed."
Yes Accept: "I am on my way!"
No Decline: "I am not ready."
Ask Ask: "The Released Spirits will need your help if they are to reach me safely. Do not fail me lest you incur Grenth's wrath."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Bone Pits
"The Released Spirits have been sent to the Hall of Judgment, where Grenth shall select for them a fate befitting the measure of their mortal lives. You have served the God of Death well this day."


  • Since it is only necessary for one person to take the quest to activate it, it is a good idea to have only one party member take the quest while the rest of your party is at the location where the Dryders spawn, ready to fight.
  • Be aware of the Chained Souls that appear in the area. Because they are hostile, the spirits will run to them and attack, which will slow you down.
  • The spirits in this quest need to be protected at all costs, and cannot be killed. If one of the spirits is killed, your party will be removed from the Underworld.
  • Be aware that the spirits will attack anything that aggroes them, which can quickly lead to their death.
Bug Bug.Sometimes, the spirits will not spawn at all, obliging the players to get back to the outpost.
Bug Bug.Sometimes, a Locked Chest will spawn blocking the pathway of the Tortured Spirits which will also oblige the players to return to the outpost.