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A knock down or KD causes a target to temporarily fall down. Knocked down characters cannot move, activate skills with an activation time, or switch weapons. Knock downs mostly function the same as standard interrupts; however, since they are technically different game mechanics, KDs can interrupt through skills such as Mantra of Concentration.

Unless otherwise stated, a knock down lasts 2 seconds; it can be extended to 3 seconds using Stonefist Insignias or certain skills. Junundu Tunnel and Reaper's Sweep can knock down for 3 seconds; three other skills can knock down for 4 seconds (Choking Breath, Backbreaker, and Psychic Instability). A knocked-down target cannot be knocked down again until they get up; however, they can be knocked down again the instant they begin to rise (see quarterknocking).

Some foes carry Stun on Critical Hit, causing knock down to foes against whom they score a critical hit. Others carry Stun Immunity which prevents them from being knocked down. Characters inside a Siege Devourer or Desert Wurm are immune to knock downs.

A small number foes, including Shiro Tagachi, can be difficult or impossible to knock down for other reasons.


  • The warrior armor upgrade component Stonefist Insignia increases the duration of all knock downs inflicted by the Warrior by 1 second. This upgrade cannot extend durations beyond 3 seconds.
  • The skill Earthbind sets a minimum duration of knock downs to 3 seconds. It also bypasses Stun Immunity, but has no effect on other skills that prevent knock downs.

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  • Some creatures do not have an animation for being knocked down. Instead, they perform the animation for being interrupted and stand motionless until the knock down is over.
  • Knock downs are most often used as interrupts and snares.
  • Characters are knocked down when consuming Battle Isle Iced Tea.
  • Warriors and Elementalists have more knock down skills than the other professions.
  • Necromancers and Paragons are the only professions without any skills that can cause knock downs.
Anomaly Anomaly.When used on a foe during casting, they often keep casting for 1-2 seconds more, or until the cast finishes; then it spontaneously fails. This doesn't affect gameplay.

PvP tactics[edit]

As stated above, knocked down characters cannot use skills with an activation time or aftercast delay. Even a single knock down can make a difference in combat, and knock downs can be used for various purposes.

  • A common tactic is to knock down monks while spiking another character, to prevent monks from healing them.
  • Knocking down (and otherwise snaring) flag and relic runners and kiting players is a good tactic.
  • Knock-lock is the technique of repeatedly inflicting knock downs on targets to shut them down.


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki also has an article on Knock down.
  • The game sometimes refers to knock down as stun in some internal (and normally inaccessible) skill descriptions.