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Eternal Legendary Cartographer.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Title type Character
Cartographer is a title awarded to a character who explores 100% of each continent's map. There are separate title tracks for each campaign, prefixed with the name of their respective continent. These titles can be displayed in the "Honor" monument.

Cartographer title track[edit]

Tier Prophecies title Factions title Nightfall title Exploration of continent
1 Tyrian Explorer Canthan Explorer Elonian Explorer 60%
2 Tyrian Pathfinder Canthan Pathfinder Elonian Pathfinder 70%
3 Tyrian Trailblazer Canthan Trailblazer Elonian Trailblazer 80%
4 Tyrian Cartographer Canthan Cartographer Elonian Cartographer 90%
5 Tyrian Master Cartographer Canthan Master Cartographer Elonian Master Cartographer 95%
6 Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer 100%

Legendary Cartographer title track[edit]

Title Total maxed cartographer
Legendary Cartographer 3


"Scrape" the edges

The Grandmaster Cartographer title can only be obtained through extensive and thorough exploration of the world map for a given campaign. You need to "push" your character against the edges of each area in order to "scrape" the edges of the map. Stop from time to time to ensure that each obscure corner or portion gets "unfogged". The mission map makes it easier to see and notice areas that have not been explored as compared to the world map.

There is some leeway built into the title: uncovering the entire map would add up to more than 100% on each continent. This allows one to ignore areas of the game that become inaccessible as the character progresses through the storyline (e.g. Shing Jea Arena) or locations that are no longer available at all (e.g. Fort Koga). The exact amount of leeway is documented below.

Many areas can only be explored during a cutscene, quest, or mission; some of which include a time constraint (e.g. parts of the Dunes of Despair mission map). Make sure that other players in your party know about your interest in mapping before you begin.

A character obtains Legendary Cartographer automatically after maxing their third continent-specific cartography title.

Examining the map[edit]

Example of using image processing software to highlight the gaps

One method of discovering unexplored locations is to take screenshots of your world map and compare it to one of the fully-explored maps on the wiki.

You can also download software that makes it easier to compare two images, e.g. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or GIMP.

  1. Change your Guild Wars graphics options to maximum resolution and disable post-processing effects.
  2. Open up the world map (default shortcut "M") and take a screenshot (Shift+PrtScrn, to hide map markers) in either zoomed-in or zoomed-out mode.
  3. Open a 100% explored map with your image editing software, then insert your screenshot as a layer on top of the image.
  4. Set the layer to "difference" to emphasize differences between the two maps. All the explored areas will go dark, and unexplored areas (the differences) will become much brighter.

Remember to align and scale images as needed. You can also change the layer setting from "normal" to "difference" to "hidden" to determine if the bright areas are indeed unexplored areas, or if they are simply due to passing clouds.

Player modifications[edit]

ANet does not officially support any third party tools, but many players use "Cartography Made Easy", a plug-in for TexMod that makes it easier to see which areas remain fogged. This drastically reduces the amount of time spent pursuing the title, since it makes it possible to uncover the map while vanquishing, during a mission, or while otherwise performing other in-game tasks. See Guide to modifying in-game graphics/Texmod/Player made modifications for details.

Locations to explore in Tyria[edit]

Strikethroughs indicate places that don't contribute to the cartographer title. Underlines denote places that may be or become inaccessible (tutorial areas or low-level arenas).

Pre-Searing Ascalon does not contribute to the title



Northern Shiverpeaks[edit]

Northern Shiverpeaks



Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Maguuma Jungle

Crystal Desert[edit]

Crystal Desert

Southern Shiverpeaks[edit]

Southern Shiverpeaks

Ring of Fire Islands[edit]

Ring of Fire Islands

Far Shiverpeaks[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks

Tarnished Coast[edit]

Tarnished Coast

Charr Homeland[edit]

Locations to explore in Cantha[edit]

Strikethroughs indicate places that don't contribute to the cartographer title. Underlines denote places that become inaccessible (tutorial areas or low-level arenas).

Shing Jea Island[edit]

Shing Jea Island

Kaineng City[edit]

Kaineng City

Echovald Forest[edit]

Echovald Forest

The Jade Sea[edit]

The Jade Sea

Locations to explore in Elona[edit]

Strikethroughs indicate places that don't contribute to the cartographer title. Underlines denote places that become inaccessible (tutorial areas or low-level arenas).







The Desolation[edit]

Normally inaccessible areas[edit]

See also: Portal jump, SaO chain, Minion trick

Some places can be reached even though they were not designed to be visited or become inaccessible as the character progresses through the storyline. None of these areas are required for the title, but any fog exposed while exploring them will count towards its progression. In some cases, they also lead to the end of the world (i.e. an area where terrain is no longer rendered). There are also several places where your character can uncover bonus areas — spots on the map that cannot be exposed through normal exploration (these places are usually marked in black when using Cartography Made Easy, but are included in Borderless Cartography Made Easy); these places add additional leeway to the title, since they add progress but are not counted as part of the 100%.


  • Talus Chute: along the eastern side edge of the zone (north of the Ice Caves of Sorrow), players can walk up the side of the mountain then traverse the ridge along the northeastern edge of the zone.
  • The Great Northern Wall: after the timer starts, run into the Charr camp (north of the wall) to reach the edge of the map and during the way back to the wall explore a bit to the west. Because of the timer, running skills are advised but you may have to do the mission several times until you map everything.
  • Kryta: two areas can be explored without any foes after completion of the War in Kryta (and if you do not have any WiK-related bounties). Both areas count towards the title, but can be difficult to map during the missions.
  • Riverside Province: speak to Blade Operative Paulina in Talmark Wilderness after War in Kryta to gain access to the explorable area. It can be explored without any foes after completion of the The Battle for Lion's Arch (and if you do not have any WiK-related bounties). The Fort near Loamhurst also becomes accessible and allows for a small additionnal 0,05% toward the title.
  • Sanctum Cay : Watching the end cutscene will uncover some fog, adding an additional 0,2% toward the title.


Eredon Terrace bonus area.
Mapped by watching the mission cinematic replayed by Guardsman Chow.
  • Eredon Terrace: the mountains northeast of the outpost can be explored by those belonging to the alliance that controls it. You can also reach this area via portal jumping, which allows exploration to the edge of the world; you can also expose a bonus part of the map, adding up to 0.5% leeway to the title.
  • Linnok Courtyard: use Viper's Defense while standing on the cliff edges on one side of the entry portal (you can use a flagged hero/henchman to set the jump direction). After entering the Shing Jea Monastery, you can walk through the gate to the Monastery Overlook tutorial area. This contributes 0.5% to Canthan cartographer.
  • Shing Jea Arena: during The Final Confrontation, there is an opportunity to map the area before and after the dialogue (which is normally unavailable after passing level 10). This can add approximately 0.29% towards the title.
  • Raisu Pavilion: Using a SaO chain allows for mob-free exploration of the entire Raisu Palace (explorable area), including the area only accessible during Raisu Palace (mission), the Divine Path and an hidden area to the south of the Imperial Sanctum (outpost), contributing about 0.19% towards the title.
  • Wajjun Bazaar : using a Portal jump from Kaineng Docks into The Marketplacewill allow for mob-free exploration of the area and a tiny otherwise unexplorable part in the south section where begins The Undercity. This can add approximately 0.01% towards the title.
  • Saint Anjeka's Shrine: the northwest section of the outpost can be explored by those belonging to the alliance that controls it. Alternatively, use a SaO chain to gain access to it. This can add approximately 0.02% towards the title.
  • Morostav Trail and The Eternal Grove: use Strike as One with a pet to gain access to Vasburg Armory. Exiting Eternal Grove increases the uncoverable map when exiting Vasburg into Morostav Trail and running to where the shrine would have been normally. Exiting Morostav Trail removes the shrine in the north east corner of Vasburg, allowing one to run into the massive rock left of it, into a secret path behind it, uncovering the left side (no extra bits come with that one). This can add approximately 0.05% towards the title.
  • Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) : Watching the intro cutscene will uncover a part of the fog in the southeats of the area where the mission takes place. This can provide an additional 0,2% toward the title.
  • Jade Quarry / Fort Aspenwood : watching the intro cutscenes (can be replayed by talking to the NPCs in the four outposts) will uncover several bubbles of fog in the adequate mission, allowing more map to be uncovered if there isn't enough players available to start a game.


  • Churrhir Fields: Using a minion trick, you'll be able to explore the tutorial area, Island of Shehkah, adding up to 0.8% toward the title especially for non-Elonian characters.
  • Dzagonur Bastion: ignore all the groups and run for the portal in the south, towards what would be Resplendent Makuun. You can run through the gate and reach the end of the world, adding up to 0.1–0.2% leeway towards the title.
  • Marga Coast: the portal to Sunspear Sanctuary is bugged — it allows heroes to walk through it without bouncing (as they do elsewhere). Send a hero through the portal and Shadow step to him/her (Recall is ideal for this). If you have trouble, use the mini-map flag the hero to the far side of the hill (left of the portal). You can reach the end of the world and add up to 0.1–0.2% leeway.
  • Vehjin Mines: use a SaO chain to gain access to the tunnel leading to Jennur's Horde outpost. This can add up to 0.1% towards the title.
  • Floodplain of Mahnkelon: use a SaO chain to gain access to Moddock Crevice outpost and the beginning of Bahdok Caverns. Exploring the outpost this way will count toward the title and can add up to 0.3%.
  • Vehjin Mines <-> Holdings of Chokhin: use SaO chains to gain access to each entrance of the tunnel in between the two areas. These two chains can add up to 0,4% toward the title.
  • Kodonur Crossroads : watching the intro cutscene will uncover a small 0,1% right above Camp Hojanu.
  • Pogahn Passage : Watching the end cutscene as party leader (exact conditions are still unknown, might be random, moving using keyboard may also be required) will uncover 0,2% around the southeast of the mission.

Eye of the North[edit]

Any of the areas requiring a special quest can still be reached with SaO chains if the said quests are unavailable.

Special events[edit]

Where to stand: Linnok Courtyard bonus area.

Some areas can be explored more easily during certain special events:


  • The Tyrian Cartographer title does not require mapping any of the explorable areas in Eye of the North. Instead, exploration of those areas contributes to the Master of the North title.
  • Several areas are only available under special circumstances, but they are not required to obtain the title; exploring them just increases the amount of leeway you have.
    • Some of these areas are only available early on: low-level arenas. (The tutorial area of Factions can be explored when the Shing Jea Boardwalk is open.)
    • In Cantha, the faction sections of outposts in the Echovald Forest and Jade Sea require membership in the controlling alliance.
  • The Battle Isles have a fog that can be uncovered, yet being a separate place they do not contribute to any title.
  • Many areas can be quickly explored by running; bring heroes with party-wide speed boosts (e.g. "Charge!" or "Incoming!") and ignore any foes.


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