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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Nightfall.
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The Six Gods lived in the city of Arah among their mortal followers. Sadly, the glory of their presence was too much for human senses to take in, and their radiance blinded those who stared too long upon their visage. Yet the Six wished their people to know them, for they loved their followers a great deal. They chose one man—the sculptor, Malchor—and granted him audience. His task was to make a statue of each god, so that humans might know their creators. Malchor was called before Dwayna, and asked to take on this burden. When he saw her, Malchor fell instantly in love—and no matter the cost to himself, he could not refuse her request.

One by one, Malchor recreated the visages of the gods in stone. As he did, that god would retire back to the heart of Arah, and he would see them no more—and so, he saved Dwayna for last, that he might be in her presence the longest. Malchor completed the statues, but even as he did so, his eyes failed him—his sight burned by the glory of the gods. It is said that such was his love for Dwayna that he still completed her statue, having memorized every fraction of her immortal beauty. When it was done, he asked Dwayna if she favored the image, and weeping, Dwayna allowed him to touch her face, that he might know the precision with which—even blind—he had carved her image.

But then, as she knew she must, the goddess Dwayna left and returned to Arah, leaving the sculptor alone. Tormented and blind, Malchor stood upon the cliffs near Dwayna's cathedral, where her statue would forever stand. Realizing he would never again see his beloved, Malchor cast himself into the sea. The site of his death is called 'Malchor's Leap,' and each year, Orrian maidens wreath the rocks with flowers in memory of the famous sculptor and his loss.

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