Murakai, Lady of the Night

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Murakai, Lady of the Night
Murakai, Lady of the Night.jpg
Affiliation Undead
Type Ghost
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 29 (32)
Campaign Eye of the North
Murakai, Lady of the Night is the end boss in the Cathedral of Flames. Defeating her spawns Murakai's Chest.




Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 86 Piercing damage 86 Slashing damage 86
Cold damage 86 Earth damage 86 Fire damage 86 Lightning damage 86

Tips for defeating Murakai[edit]

  • If she fills her Power meter, spread out before she uses her Storm of Souls, so that only one party member is at risk.
    • Try slowing down the recharge of her Power meter by tackling her one-on-one and bringing the rest of the party into play only when dealing with her summoned allies.
  • Bring plenty of condition removal skills. Cautery Signet can be combined with Plague Sending and/or Plague Touch to inflict burning while removing all or most of the conditions from the entire party.


Anomaly Anomaly.Her lore and skills suggest she is a Necromancer, but she drops Warrior skill tomes.