Priest of Balthazar (Wintersday)

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Priest of Balthazar
Affiliation Not specified
Type Human
Service Travel NPC
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Core

The Priest of Balthazar is a special event NPC that appears during Wintersday and transports characters to The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods.



"Many mortals already joined the Great Snowball Fight of the Gods! If you wish to battle against fellow mortals, I can send you to the battle now. If you're too puny to battle fellow humans, speak with the Priestess of Melandru and I'm sure she has use for you."

UnknownI'm ready for the battle, send me to the front!
NoI'm not ready for this sort of pressure!
Wintersday 2010
"The sooner this Winterday nonsense is over, the sooner we can turn our attentions to more serious matters."