Raven's Point

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Raven's Point
Raven's Point page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 3
Reward chest Destroyer Chest
Required quest Defending the Breach
Party size 8
Exit(s) Varajar Fells
Raven's Point route.jpg
Getting there from Olafstead
Raven Dungeon Level 1.jpg
Dungeon Level 1
Raven Dungeon Level 2.jpg
Dungeon Level 2
Raven Dungeon Level 3 A.jpg
Dungeon Level 3

Raven's Point, home of the Shrine of the Raven, is protected by the family of our good friend, Olaf. Communing at the shrine grants adventurers the powers of the raven spirit. King Jalis, thankful for Olaf's hospitality when the Deldrimor Dwarves first arrived in the Far Shiverpeaks, sent a group of Dwarves and a clever Asura to protect the hallowed place from Destroyers. After seeing firsthand the devastation these creatures had wrought, we didn't think twice about coming to their aid.

Master Dungeon Guide

Getting there[edit]

From Olafstead, head west by northwest until you reach Olrun Olafdottir, then enter the cave and head into the dungeon.





Humans (Ebon Vanguard)


Light of Deldrimor rewards[edit]

Level 1
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Ghost - At southeastern corner.
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Ghost - North of Pathfinder Nolan.
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Ghost - Near the southwestern corner, circled back from the entrance.
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Ghost - Near the western area map.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - West from the third resurrection shrine, starting from the bottom, next to the flame brazier near a gate
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - In front of the gate to the Dungeon Key area
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Two next to the frost traps in front of the Dungeon Gate.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Near the level exit.
Level 2
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - South of the entrance in a dead end path
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Center of the map near the narrow point between the eastern and western part of the level
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Western part of the level, near the Area Map
Level 3
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - At the entrance to the level.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Western corner in the snow (the glowing mark is hidden under the snow).
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Southeastern corner in the snow.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure - Southwestern corner in the snow.
  • Warrior 1 (20) Dwarven Ghost - in the middle of the big group of Dwarven Scouts

Charmable animals[edit]










Nightmares (Vaettir)



Nightmares (Vaettir)

Boss-like foes[edit]





  • Reputation Points
    • 1500 Norn reputation points for first time in Normal Mode (750 points for subsequent completions).
    • 2250 Norn Points for first completion in Hard Mode(1125 points for subsequent completions).



  • Be careful of the ice traps.
Level 2
  • Light the braziers near the north bridge to lower the bridges.
  • To get the dungeon key to drop, you must kill the Reaper of Destruction and the group of hidden destroyers at the Reaper's initial location.
  • Near the portal to Level 3, the Chromatic Drakes and the Destroyers will fight against each other.
Level 3
  • There are a lot more than four Hidden Treasures on level 3. Most of the others are hidden by snow piles on the side.
Anomaly Anomaly.There appears to be an unreachable area beyond the southwest corner of level 2 which does not appear on the minimap, within which a Whirling Wisp may occasionally be seen.
Bug Bug.The final Destroyers may be friendly, making the dungeon impossible to complete.


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