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"Abaddon" to Agony
Agony (PvP) to Armen the Guide
Armen the guide to Awakened Head Form
Awakened Thought Leech to Blood Washes Blood
Blood Washes Blood (Zaishen quest) to Candy Golem
Candy Minion to Chilling Victory (PvP)
Chilling Victory (PvP)/Skill history to Corsair Reef Finder
Corsair Runner to Decayed Garment
Decayed Orr Armor to Divinity Coast (cinematics)
Divinity Coast (explorable area) to Earth Staff
Earth Staff (Canthan) to Emi
Emily to Faction converter
Faction farm to FoC
FoC spike to Gaile News/20070331
Gaile News/20070403 to Gallery of male monk Sunspear armor
Gallery of male monk Tyrian armor to Gate Guard (boss)
Gate Guard Hirvela to Green item
Green scythes to Half ranged spell
Hall to Horns of the Ox
Horror to Iron Ladle
Iron Legion to Kaolin Wand
Kaolin Water Staff to Labrinthine spire
Labrynthine spire to List of all monk collector weapons in Factions
List of all monk collector weapons in Nightfall to Luxon Ritualist
Luxon Scavenger to Maximum Energy
Maximum Health to Miniature Greased Lightning
Miniature Grey Giant to Movement speed
Mow to No Attribute
No Attribute Skill to Packrat
Pacman to Poti
Poti/Collector to Rahse Windcatcher
Rahti's Staff to Restore the Temple of War
Restore the monuments of Grenth to Rune of Minor Swordsmanship
Rune of Minor Tactics to Self-heal
Self-healing to Signet of Illusions (beta version)
Signet of Infection to Spawning
Spawning Pools to Student of Cracked Armor
Student of Crippled to Temple of the Intolerable
Temple of the Monoliths to The Undercity/Maps
The Undercity (Winds of Change) to Tyria mission list
Tyrian to Vizunah Square
Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) to Weh no su
Wehhan Terrace to Zaishen Bounty/cycles
Zaishen Carnival to Über Micro Skillz
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