The Stone Summit Champion

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The Stone Summit Champion
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Sebedoh the Mesmer
in Yak's Bend
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Mesmer)

Defeat a dangerous dwarf called Ulrik the Undefeated.

Quest information[edit]





It isn't difficult to kill Ulrik by simply doing damage, but he only has spells equipped, so you can use Backfire and spell interrupting skills.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Sebedoh the Mesmer
"You there, if you are truly worthy of the title Mesmer, I have a little task for you. It seems that those Stone Summit Dwarves have themselves a champion that they consider invincible. They've left him just outside of town, and he's been menacing everyone who tries to pass. So far, he's absolutely demolished anyone who dares face him. Now I'm convinced a good Mesmer can take him down, but since I'm busy and you're available, we might just have to see if a merely adequate Mesmer can also get the job done.
What do you think?"
Yes Accept: "I'll show you how adequate I am!"
No Decline: "Do it yourself."
Ask Ask: "Did this Ulrik fellow scare you off? Or could it be that you just can't find him? He's been standing just up the road from town and shouting challenges all day."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ulrik the Undefeated: "Is there no one else to Challenge[sic] Ulrik?"
Ulrik the Undefeated: "Which of you weak, worthless humans is man enough to face me?"
Ulrik the Undefeated: "More fodder for Ulrik!"
Ulrik the Undefeated: "I will crush you!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Sebedoh the Mesmer
"You may have defeated Ulrick,[sic] but it certainly took you long enough. I was just about to come to your rescue. Anyhow, I suppose you'd like your reward?"