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[edit] Boooooom Headshot

Ranger 40.png

Name: Boooooom Headshot

Title: I'm Very Important

Max Titles: 18

Created In: Tyria

Age: 38 months

Sex: Female

Level: 20

Deaths: 4311

Pet: Dire Rainbow Phoenix

Favourite Secondary: Assassin

Experience: 10,661,562 and always increasing

Total Skill Points: 997

Skill Points To Use: 520

Skill Points Used: 477

Favourite PvE Skills: Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support.jpg Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support ,Pain Inverter.jpg Pain Inverter and Asuran Scan.jpg Asuran Scan

Favourite Ranger Elite Skill: Broad Head Arrow.jpg Broad Head Arrow

Favourite Secondary Elite Skill: Moebius Strike.jpg Moebius Strike

Favourite Skill: Lightning Reflexes.jpg Lightning Reflexes

[edit] Equipment


Obsidian Armor

Primeval Armor

Elite Druid Armor

Vabbian Armor


Sundering Tormented Shortbow of Fortitude

Zealous Storm Bow of Fortitude

Droknar's Daggers (Zealous)

Furious Deldrimor Sword of Fortitude / Deldrimor Tactics Shield of Endurance (-2 stance)

Furious Chaos Axe of Fortitude / Destroyer Tactics Shield of Endurance (-2 stance)

Vampiric Destroyer Spear of Fortitude / Destroyer Tactics Shield of Endurance (-2 stance)

Zealous Destroyer Scythe of Fortitude

Mallyx's Maul

Alem's Remedy

Various other greens

[edit] Titles

Maxed Titles: 18

Secret Agent

Legendary Spearmarshal

Holy Lightbringer

Guardian of Elona

Guardian of Cantha

Guardian of Tyria

Legendary Skill Hunter

Legendary Guardian

Legendary Cartographer

Elonian Elite Skill Hunter

Canthan Elite Skill Hunter

Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter

Protector of Elona

Protector of Cantha

Protector of Tyria

Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer

Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer

Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer

Working on Titles:

Norn(8), Delver(8), Asura(8)

Tyrian Vanquisher (23/54)

Canthan Vanquisher (13/33)

Wisdom Title Track (Rank 3): 839/10000

Sweet Tooth (1470/10000)

Master of the North (497/1000)

Account Titles:

Mighty Gladiator (Rank 3), 458 points

Ally of the Kurzicks (Rank 4)

[edit] My Mini Pets

White Rabbit.png Miniature Varesh.png 55 px Miniature Prince Rurik.png Miniature Celestial Rat.png Miniature Burning Titan.png Miniature Mursaat.png Miniature Aatxe.png Miniature Fire Imp.png Miniature Hydra.png Miniature Jungle Troll.png Miniature Temple Guardian.png Miniature Heket Warrior.png Miniature Jungle Troll.png Miniature Wind Rider.png Miniature Juggernaut.png Miniature Pig.png Miniature Abyssal.png Miniature Necrid Horseman.png Miniature Cloudtouched Simian.png Miniature Roaring Ether.png

[edit] Other Achievements

Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace

Eternal Conqueror of The Fissure of Woe

Eternal Conqueror of The Underworld

Eternal Conqueror of the Domain of Anguish

Completed The Titans Source

[edit] Goals For This Character

  • To get a group together to do The Deep just to display it in HoM...
  • To get a group together to do Urgoz Warren just to display it in HoM...
  • Finally get around to doing all the vanquishing
  • World Domination.......eventually

[edit] Other Characters

Ritualist 40.png Abusive Was Boom

Warrior 40.png Annihilation Within

Assassin 40.png Sins And Sacrifices

Mesmer 40.png Of Pain And Torment

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