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My name is Aiko (26), better and more commonly known in-game and out as Infinite or Tremythar.

Name    Level
Warrior Male.png  Ike Durante 20
Ranger Male.png  A Decisive Aim 20
Monk Male.png  Random Character Vl 20
Necromancer Male.png  Random Character X 20
Mesmer Female.png  Anomi Sadaho 20
Elementalist Male.png  Scholar Infinite 20
Assassin Female.png  The Walled Reaper 20
Ritualist Male.png  Random Character Il 20
Paragon Male.png  Random Character V 20
Dervish Male.png  Random Character I 20
Warrior Male.png  Hic Finis Fandi 20
Ranger Female.png  Eithn Nic Chuilinn 20
Necromancer Female.png  Aoife Nic Chuilinn 20
Mesmer Male.png  Alexander Grast 20
Elementalist Male.png  Tactician Rehnk 20