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Nymph of Meliai [SNOW]
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Main Character Female Ranger

Nymph of Meliai[edit]

Nymph of Meliai was born in Tyria and is said to have some Orr blood in her but it is difficult to confirm this because she only appeared about 5 months after the official release of Guild Wars although her sister characters have been around since about 2 months from the launch. Claims of Orr blood come from her surreal videos that many have labelled 'creepy' - hence it is assumed there must be some link to the undead that haunt Kryta.

  • She is also known as 'Nym', 'Witch', 'Jang', 'Jazzbunny' and 'Jazz'


Nymph of Meliai came to Guild Wars from Eve Online where under the alias of Princess Skye, she was a member of the once famous Glamour Bunnies. After leaving space life for an active retirement in the world of Tyria, she initially joined the Green Dragon [drgn]. Her thirst for independence led her to create the Red Rose [ROSE] guild on 27 October 2005. However, due to the then rules of Guild Wars, in order to switch guild registration from Europe to America there was a need to create a new guild. Thus The Mirror of Reason [SNOW] was born on 26 March 2006. Under the leadership of Nymph of Meliai, [SNOW] became a top 20 GvG guild on two occasions and owned Zos Shivros solely from victories in Alliance Battles. However, the guild eventually settled into balanced HM PvE, although Nymph of Meliai continued with PvX on her own.

  • Nymph of Meliai has also founded the lesser known guilds: Le Chat Noir [noir], The Graveyard Poets [tomb], Surreal Twilight [dusk] and Dr Frankenteins Body Shop [IGOR]


Apart from founding an Anet notable guild,02/20/2007 - Notable mention in Guild of the Week on Guild Wars site



  • Nymph of Meliai - Ranger (main character)
  • Aruki Miko - Ritualist
  • Ashtoreth of Lumi - Mesmer
  • Vudu Mambo - Monk
  • Sylvia Rafael - Assassin
  • The Grim Witch - Dervish
  • Valkyrie of Tuenola - Warrior
  • Witch of Manzazuu - Necromancer
  • Witch of the Wind - Elementalist
  • Jazz Bunny - pre-searing Monk


  • The Dye Witch - pvp Elementalist
  • Witch of Mini Pets - pvp Monk
  • Namaah of Lamech - pvp Paragon
  • Skye Witch - pvp Ranger
  • Witch Sting - pvp Ritualist


  • Mama Odie - spare character slot


Nymph of Meliai is noted for a host of surreal Guild Wars videos where she originally worked under the name 'Jazzbunny' However, after a dispute with Sony over copyright for a song that was no longer protected by copyright law in Europe but still protected in America ('Let it Snow'), the Jazzbunny account was deleted after youtube decided to side with Sony despite WMG actually owning the American copyright to the song used. Her new account featuring a selection of the original videos can be found at:

Her inspirational work has also led to the magnificant GW video artist Roc Disjoint producing a fitting tribute to her work:


Nymph of Meliai has also hosted three events in Guild Wars - two surrounding the story of the Snow Queen (the inspiration behind the naming of the Mirror of Reason) - both of these events gave away 100k grand prizes plus over 200k worth of smaller prizes concluding with the snowman bombing of Ice Tooth Cave. The last event was an online survey rather than a proper event, concerning player identities that rewarded a 100k prize to a participant selected at random by a computer.

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