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[edit] General Information

Hi and congratulations, that you've stumbled across my user subpage! My Name is Markus and i'm living in Hassia, Germany.

[edit] Likes

  • playing PvE and seeing my Lady Oachidee whipping some enemies' asses, this can be so pretty satisfying... :D
  • playing GvG! I love to play GvG... I rly do... but I'm a little lack of time right now... many exams and tests because of my traineeship at my bank, but nevermind... I always try to be at the point!
  • Hero Battles... But only ATS, they work fine for me :)

[edit] Dislikes

  • Copying common farmingbuilds and flaming when the item's prices sink... that suxx!
  • Scamming...
  • Stupid Wammos
  • Meta

[edit] Contact Information

Username: Oachi
Real Name: Markus
Email Address / MSN Messenger / Jabber (Google Talk):

My main character is "Il Lady Oachidee Il".

[edit] Guild Wars account information

[edit] Account Specific Titles

  • Renowned Hero (9) - (4,865 fame - quit HA at June 2006)
  • Lucky (2) - (116.397 tickets won)
  • Unlucky (2) - (10,594 games of chance lost)
  • Champion (1) - (25 victories)

[edit] PvE-Characters

Warrior Il Lady Oachidee Il

User Oachi-Character-Il Lady Oachidee Il.jpg

Dervish Il Cipessa Il

User Oachi-Character-Il Cipessa Il.jpg

Elementalist I Angel Of Heaven I

User Oachi-Character-I Angel Of Heaven I.jpg

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